Exclusive Interview with Carla of 'The Biggest Loser: Couples'
Exclusive Interview with Carla of 'The Biggest Loser: Couples'
This season on This Biggest Loser: Couples, everyone was shocked when in the first episode, Alison Sweeney announced that nine people were going home. The teams would have to decide which player would be sent home for thirty days as their partner tried to bring them back to the ranch. On the sliver team of Joelle and Carla, Carla was sent home.

Last night, the contestants were finally brought back to the ranch after their thirty day effort to lose weight at home. Carla managed to lose 20 pounds in thirty days. Unfortunately, the silver team ended up in the bottom two this week and they were sent home. We had a chance to talk with Carla about her experiences on the ranch.

How are you doing today Carla?
I’m good.

Okay, so last night’s episode was a pretty intense. You did not get to stay in the house that long. Do you actually feel more pressure in the house as opposed to when you were at home?

No, I didn’t feel more pressure in the house because I knew coming back that the level of intensity of the workouts would be stepped up a notch. I knew that when I got back I would have to be on that same level. I decided that I was going to get in there and do what I needed to do. That’s where you heard Aubrey on the yellow team say that I was in the gym before everybody else in the morning because I knew I had to get a head start.

Well, yeah and you were really working for two people that week, which sort of made it more difficult, right?

Yeah and one thing that you guys didn’t know is that I had a fever that whole week. Even on the way in, I had a temperature of 102.

Seriously? That would have been an interesting plot point for them to point out.

Yeah [laughs]

Do you think that Bob had given up on Joelle?

No, I don’t think Bob has given up on Joelle. Bob’s not the type to give up on anyone. I think he had got to the end of his rope with the excuses and he snapped just like I snapped. [laughs]

That was pretty interesting to see at least. Did you get to spend much time with him other than when he came to visit you at your home?

Yeah, actually, the days we’re not filming, Bob is there training us. You guys get to see our last chance workout and sometime a couple other workouts but he’s there during the days that we’re not filming because we still have to get our workout in. And there are days where we don’t get to see a trainer and we’re working out on our own.

Did you ever receive a Bob therapy session, as he tends to do?

No. [laughs] No, I haven’t. [laughs]

Well that’s a bit sad. He always seems to get to the core of what’s going on with a person, except for Joelle that is.

I think that when I left, it was pretty much from what he was perceiving from Joelle. And then the week that I was there, he saw my drive and passion in the workouts. If you notice, in filming, they never showed me complaining or crying or throwing up. I did pretty much the workouts that he told us to do.

You connected really quickly with the other contestants. Do you know why that is? Did you spend extra time talking to them?

The first week we all spent time getting to know one another and with my personality… I’m outgoing. I work in customer service so I’m a people person. People are drawn to me because of my personality and I got along well with everyone and it was a shock to everyone when they found out I was going home (in the first week). To be there for the week (at the ranch), that would have given Joelle enough time to bond with the other teams and I don’t know if that ever happened because I wasn’t there. I got along with everyone great. As you can see, when I came back I got the response. When we were eliminated, I got the response. During that whole process… I love Mike and Ron. I was happy for them that they are still there. That’s my personality that I’m just and outgoing person. People could see that I’m genuine. I don’t put up a partition where you only see a certain side of me. I’m the same. I’m like this all the time.

You and Joelle seem so different. She’s so reserved and introspective. What made you want to enter with Joelle? Were you guys really best friends before?

We were friends. We weren’t best friends and I did tell that to the casting director but that’s how they cast us. Joelle tried out for the show for a couple of seasons. I think she tried out for seasons 4, 5, and 6. Each time those seasons came up, she’d call me and I couldn’t make it. I had a busy schedule and I couldn’t make it. For this season, she called me again and I couldn’t make it then because my great-grandfather was being rushed to the hospital but my family was like “you should go because it might be an opportunity for you.” But she had actually been trying to get on the show for past seasons and she invited me to come. I thought that by her choosing me as a partner, that’s what she wanted.

Do you think that for her it was about the money? There were several episodes where the contestants were offered money and Joelle was struggling most with that decision.

You know, I would hate to say yes but when I looked at it, it put a question in my head. I was looking at it as you guys were because remember I was home for 30 days. I was like, “okay, I don’t hear her saying anything like she shouldn’t take it because of her teammate,” so it kind of put a question in my head, “Are you here for the money.” If you go back to the first episode when we were in the room, a lot of things were cut out that were said that was pertaining to that. When we were in the elimination room and I said, “This is a test of our friendship,” Joelle had had that conversation about what we were really there for. Are you here to lose weight or are you here for other reasons? That’s one reason I decided to go home. She kept telling me, “I’m going to prove that I’m your friend. I’m not here for the money and I’m not here for this. I want to prove to my family who said I couldn’t do it. I want to prove to the people that said I wouldn’t amount to anything.” And that’s why we chose for me to go home. Otherwise, that decision wouldn’t have been made for me to go home.

Do you regret it at all?

I do regret that I made the decision and that I went home. But you know what, I’m glad I did go home because I had a chance to show America that yeah, get what you need from the ranch, but you can do it at home. It just takes time because most people can’t work out six to eight hours a day. Fortunately I was able to because of my job, I had the approval to take off the time or at least time enough. I was able to workout six to eight hours a day and still be able to lose the weight. I know in some clips they show me dancing or they show me outside but I still was working out and even doing those other things… those things burn calories. Even dancing for an hour burns a thousand calories. Me mowing the grass outside was burning eight hundred calories. So I’m glad I did that. I got to show America that you can do more than just exercise. Yes, exercise is a big part but as long as you keep moving, you’ll move the weight. And I’m glad I was able to show American that you can do it at home.

I think that might’ve even given you a slight advantage. You got to be at the ranch and then you were able to figure out how to do things at home and then you went back to the ranch and just went back home. Was there any pause or did you just settle back into things as you were before?

Actually, when I got home, the funny thing is, my husband had already prepared our basement as a gym. Before I had even thought about going on the show. I had initially started a workout plan. It wasn’t as vigorous as what I was doing before, but when I got home, it was already set in motion. With me coming back home, that was one of the comments I made in my bio was yeah, I realized I didn’t like to work out with my husband because he was hard, but Bob was even harder. And it’s like, I’m coming back and I’m being more receptive to my husband’s coaching so that I can lose the weight. My husband was a tremendous part of me losing the twenty pounds when I was at home.

So what are you still doing right now in preparation for the final? I know it said under your bio thing at the end that you were hoping to break the record of female weight loss.

I am still off work, I am utilizing my time wisely and I’m continuing to work out six to eight hours a day.



Last night, there was a brief thing where Jillian said Bob encourages his teammates to stick together and not vote each other off. I know you weren’t around a whole lot, but we don’t get to see a lot of that when they cut together the show. Is that true?

Yes. And one thing that they didn’t show but I guess they wanted people to assume that it happened was that I was very encouraging and motivating to Joelle. It was only the episodes where you see me frustrated with her where it doesn’t come off like I was encouraging or motivating her. But there were times where I would sit and talk and talk and talk to Joelle so that she could understand that I’m here for you. To let her know, I’m your teammate, we should be on the same page. We should work together, we should motivate each other together and one thing that I was not getting was the receptive response that she wanted me to be there as her teammate.

She just really seemed to shut down completely. Plenty of times, we’d she you talking to her and there was just a blank stare on your face. That must’ve been frustrating.

Yeah, that was very frustrating. I got that a lot. One thing I want to do is to go back and say is that when we decided that I was going to go home for the thirty days and I won the temptation to have them come here, she mentioned that she didn’t want to be here. That triggered me exploding on her at the gym. I said “Joelle, why would you let me go home if now, you don’t want to be here?” And that’s what got my frustration boiling. I was like, “Okay, now that you’re there, you’re going to have to toughen up and do what you have to do to get me back. Do give up just because you don’t want it anymore.” And I don’t know if she realized how intense the workouts were going to be. I really can’t say what her mindset was. I knew going in because I had watch the show since season one and I knew looking at it that it was no walk in the park and I was mentally prepared for what I was getting into and I’m not sure she did the same.

Bob and Jillian do say that most of the battle is getting over you mental aspect to push through and I don’t think Joelle ever got past that. Do you think that there’s actually any chance you and Joelle could be friends after this?

Acutally, I have reached out to Joelle several times. I just sent her a text message a couple of days ago. Like I said, I still consider her a friend. She feels differently, of course, but like I said on the show at the end, my arms are always open and my doors are always open and whenever she’s ready to come in, she can come in. Sometimes, I think when people have guilt on their heart for whatever reason, they don’t want to respond. It may just take some time. I’ve forgiven her. I’ve apologized to her. I asked her to forgive me because I know I may have said some things that may have hurt her feelings. I said, “You know, there were some things that you said to hurt my feelings,” but they didn’t air that and I didn’t blow that up. But I moved on. That’s what friends do. Sometimes we need to agree to disagree. But, like I told her, my door is always open. I still tell people to this day that I consider her a friend of mine. I’ve known her for two years and I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Well that’s good. I mean, I hope that she can reach out to you like you’re reaching out to her.

I hope so to but you know, if she doesn’t, it’s fine. You know, I still love her and I will continue to support her in whatever she needs supporting in. Right now, my focus in on losing weight. I’m the heaviest woman on the show and I have to lose a lot of weight. The energy that is wasted on negativity, I like to use that energy and put it in my workout. I will tell you, I haven’t told anyone yet, as of yesterday, I’m down 99 pounds.



You will probably look fabulous during the finale.

Thank you

Do you have any opinions on who you think will win?

I would say the top four – I’m not sure they’re going to do a final three or final four – but I would say the top four I would like to be are Ron, Kristin, and Filipe and Sione and I will tell you why. Ron, I see him as a finalist because he has a lot to show America. Especially for people who have had bariatric surgery or had their mouths wired shut, to show them you don’t need that. I had it and it still didn’t work. I’m losing the weight naturally and it’s working naturally. The other is Kristin because she and I both were over 350 pounds. There are a lot of women, men, children and teenager that are out here now who are our weight or heavier who feel like “I can’t do it” and if they can see someone at that weight lose the amount of weight and put the time and the effort and the determination in. That’s going to make a statement and that’s going to show America that it doesn’t matter what size you are or how much you weigh, you can still lose it. It’s not that difficult. And then for Filipe and Sione, we don’t get a chance to see a lot of diversity on the show. To have them, because they’re from the island of Tonga, they’re showing a whole other nationality, “look, we too are obese.” I think it was Sione who said that in their culture, that most of the men are overweight and it’s acceptable and it doesn’t have to be acceptable. For the four of them to be in the finale, they all would make a great statement if any of them won.

Well hopefully you come back in the finale and show them all that it also can be done at home, you know?

Yeah, that would be nice too. [laughs]

Well, Carla, thank you so much for talking to me today. I wish you the best of luck, I can’t wait to see you in the finale.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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