Exclusive Interview: Roger Shultz of 'The Biggest Loser'
Exclusive Interview: Roger Shultz of 'The Biggest Loser'
Roger Shultz is only one of two contestants on this season of The Biggest Loser to have yet to be eliminated yet, there are four players left in the game.  A few weeks ago, Alison Sweeney surprised the players in the game with eliminated contestants who received an opportunity to rejoin the game.  Ali and Mark were those two lucky players and are now two members of the final four.  On last night's episode, Mark and Roger fell below the yellow line and it seemed that Roger would be sent home.  Yet, in another twist, America will choose between the two men and decide who will receive that third spot in next week's live finale.  Mark and Roger are pleading their case and looking for your votes.  On Friday, Mark will speak to BuddyTV and today, we caught up with Roger in an exclusive interview.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV, and today I'm talking to Roger from NBC's The Biggest Loser. Well, it's nice to talk to you today. Thanks so much for doing this.

Well, thank you.

So you seemed okay when you fell behind the yellow line last night. You seemed like you had sort of made peace with the game when you found out about the twist. What was the first thing that went through your mind?

Hallelujah! It's great. Like you said, I had made peace. I knew if I ever fell behind the yellow line that I'd go home. It didn't matter what point in time during the game I fell below it, I was going home. I knew I was a big threat. I was already planning on, okay, what am I gonna wear when I go home and see Paige? Then when they said, "Oh, by the way, here's this twist." I mean, I even congratulated Mark on making the finals, because I knew what was happening. Then they add the twist, and I was the only happy person in the room at the time, I can tell you that. It gives me another shot. There's a little bit of hope, a little ray of hope that I can still win this thing, and that's all you need. I'm going to put the hard work in.

Were you surprised by the big numbers that Ali and Kelly put up?

I knew that if I could get 15 pounds in that last week, I thought, hey, I could be safe. I knew that I had to beat Kelly by three pounds to stay above her, and I thought, man, if she had a really good week, I thought she could get ten. But then she goes to 13. And Ali, I don't know what the hell, she's just a freak. She can just lose weight. I tease her all the time, you know, she bends down and picks something out of the fridge and I go, "Oh, she just lost another pound!" She's losing weight like crazy. It's amazing, but they worked hard too. That's one thing that I can say about Kelly, is when she first started off I don't know how hard she worked. She kind of survived because nobody thought of her as a threat, even though one of the first two weeks I said, "Listen, Kelly and Paul are threats." Nobody believed me, but I said, "They could lose 50 percent of their body weight and win this thing." They thought I was crazy, because they just weren't working that hard, but Kelly really got herself into shape. She really, truly just busted her ass that last week, and I saw it. I don't know if they saw me working out, being that motivated, because we all kind of pushed each other because we didn't have the trainers there that last week. What are they doing, you know? If she's in there for an hour, I'm gonna be in there for an hour and a half. They're working out at night, I'm gonna go work out at night. It was kind of interesting, but I think they did a great job.

I watched your plea to America on NBC.com. I was wondering how much time did you get to think about your speech before you actually had to film it?

We walked right out of the room, we walked right out of the weigh in, and right into the room. It wasn't 40 minutes.

You didn't have time to gather your thoughts and get your case together. You were right in there.

We were right in there, but I was thinking about the whole time. I was like, well, I'm gonna have to make a plea, and you go, what can I say? Because listen, we're both deserving. I can't say I'm more deserving than Mark, and Mark's more deserving. I wasn't going to play the card of Mark's been below the yellow line three times. You know, whatever, it is what it is. I just said I want to go in there, and I'm just gonna say, "Hey America. I love ya. Hug me. What would your momma do?" And just do what I do and see how it plays out, because I kind of had an idea of what Mark was gonna do, and he did. I just wanted it to be a different angle.

How confident are you that you can be the biggest loser, either in the final three or the biggest loser at home of the eliminated contestants?

I definitely feel more confident with being the biggest loser at home than I probably would if I were in the final three. It's just the competition is tougher. Well, the competition is tough at home too, but I have the benefit of being on the ranch for so long that that helps assist. Mark and I think that when we jump on that side we'll probably have a really strong shot of winning that, and then on the other side, who knows? You get home, and you kind of decompress a little bit, but I didn't have the benefit of ever going home. Kelly and I were on the ranch the whole time, so we never really got that opportunity to come home and almost decompress a little bit.

What are the first five minutes of next week's finale going to be like for you? Totally nerve-wracking?

Nope, not at all. Like I said, it's gonna be fun, I'm just worried about how I look more so than anything. I hope that people can see a difference in me from what they saw on the last show, which I think they will, but that's all I care about. No, it's not going to be nerve-wracking. It is what it is, I did the best I could, I've lost a bunch of weight, I set the record, and nobody can take that away from me. I was gonna be on that other side anyway if the twist hadn't come, so I'm not worried about that. I'm just going to have fun with it, enjoy it, and as being a fan of the game, I love that America gets to vote. I think it's great. When they announced the twist, I thought, this is great, I love this. That's why I love this show. I've watched the show, I'm a fan of the show, so I'm pumped up with it. No, I'm not nervous at all. Hell, it's gonna work out either way, so I'm not gonna be nervous. I'm gonna have fun with it, I'm gonna enjoy the evening.

Well, good luck Roger, I wish you the best. I can't wait to watch you on Tuesday.

Well thank you so much.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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