Everyone On 'The Biggest Loser' Jumps Off Something Tall
Everyone On 'The Biggest Loser' Jumps Off Something Tall
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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The crew is now in Queensland, New Zealand. Did you guys know that Sir Edmund Hillary was a New Zealander? Because he was. This, combined with the fact that everyone is competing as singles this week, apparently means that everyone is going to lose a huge amount of weight. Wait, what? Don't ask me. Alison said it.


So Brett flies in on a parachute and now the show is basically back to normal, except Moses is gone. Why does the show insist on voting off all my favorite people all the time and keeping the ones that make me want to pull my hair out? (i.e. Kaylee, Rulon. Kaylee. Also Kaylee. Did I mention Kaylee? Maybe Cara while we're at it? Maybe?)

So Cara takes Hannah and Kaylee and they all trudge up to the top of a 358-foot cliff to do the world's tallest cliff jump! Um, while this is exhilarating and all, how exactly is this helping them lose weight? Cara is all nervous about jumping off a cliff, which supposedly makes her more relatable but STILL DOESN'T HELP ANYONE LOSE WEIGHT.

Brett talks to Kaylee about why the heck she is still gaining weight at this point. He says that she needs mental and emotional support and asks her, basically, what's going on. Kaylee basically blames all her weight gain from the past few weeks on Moses, saying that he would make poor diet choices and she would feel obligated to share with him. She says that having Moses gone will be good for her because now she will be able to be independent and make her own decisions. Hey, Kaylee! How about being independent by taking responsibility for your own decisions? Stop blaming your sweet, adorable dad for your problems!


Alison announces the challenge from atop an enormous bridge that she then jumps off of. Everyone has to river-board half-a-mile. The winner gets a helicopter ride to Milford Sound and immunity for the week. How come some weeks it's a really great prize, like immunity, and other weeks it's something dumb like Hop tickets?

Olivia gets off to a very fast start because, as she points out, a lot of this challenge is finding the right current and staying on it. Poor Austin is in dead last because he really doesn't know how to swim very well. Olivia and Hannah are way out in front, but Rulon is gaining. At this point, everyone is worried that Rulon might win the whole game, so nobody wants him to win this immunity.

Eventually, Kaylee catches the good current and is right on Olivia's shoulder, but Olivia powers through and wins immunity by a hair. She bring Hannah with her to Milford Sound, where they enjoy the scenery, share feelings and cry.

OMG More Adventures!

Austin and Jay talk with Brett about getting second chances in life. They celebrate the freedom of their new bodies and leases on life by rock-climbing up a mountain. There are goats. It is green. They get to the top and talk a lot about the symbolism of them climbing the mountain and also of overcoming all obstacles in their paths.

Rulon, Irene and Bob venture out to a bridge where they decide to bungee jump. Or, rather, Bob decides that Irene and Rulon will bungee jump, because he already jumped off the Skytower, and that is quite enough for Bob, thank you. Rulon tells Bob that he isn't comfortable doing this, because that day is actually the fourth anniversary of a plane crash he was in. Rulon's plane crashed on a river in Utah, and he had to swim 2 miles in 45-degree water to make it to safety.

Bob listens but then he gets all, "I have seen people die as a result of not taking care of their bodies! So you won't die from this and it will help you be a better person so just suck it up and do it, okay, we are wasting airtime," or something like that. So Rulon jumps and feels free and everything is fine again.

Brazilian Dance Fighting

And then Brett attempts to teach everyone capoeira. And I'm sure it's a great workout, but I can't help but giggle as Olivia tries really hard to keep up with his rapid-fire instructions, but mostly looks like a grasshopper. Not sure if capoeira is something you can teach to a person really rapidly for the sake of one workout.

Everyone engages in the Last Chance Workout, talks about trusting themselves, digging deep, not letting fear control them. Which is all well and good, but we've heard these same things over and over for weeks. They've ceased to hold any meaning for me.


Because the contestants are competing as singles this week, the weigh-in is very straightforward. The two players with the lowest percentage of weight lost this week will fall below the yellow line, and everyone will vote to send one person home.

Olivia is safe, but she loses 4 pounds anyway, which is really amazing at this point in the game.

Jay loses 5 pounds, for 1.85%. Irene loses 4 pounds, for 2.48%. Rulon loses an amazing 10 pounds, for 3.22%.

Austin, who is looking incredible by the way, loses 5 pounds for 1.96%. Ken loses 4 pounds, which is not up to his usual standard at all. His percentage of weight lost is 1.62%.

Hannah loses 3 pounds, putting Ken below the yellow line for sure and her own safety in question.

Kaylee loses 5 pounds, which saves her and pushes Hannah below that yellow line. Ugh. Can Kaylee just go home already? She's fluctuated so much and rested on the successes of Austin and Ken that it really annoys me to see her safe over other, harder-working people.


The vote is between Ken and Hannah, and neither of them are willing to bow out and let the other stay, as has been the norm this season.

Ken tells everyone that he wants to stay, and good for him! Honestly, I'm getting kind of sick of people bowing out and refusing to fight for their own right to stay. Ken has just as much of a right to stay at the Ranch as the next person, so I'm glad he's making his needs known. Ken gets all choked up and says that he's never felt accepted in a group before he came to the Ranch, and that he is not yet ready to leave that environment. Oh, that makes me so sad for him. Is anyone else really concerned about what's going on with Ken at home, and why he's so depressed? Has the show ever really explained this?

Hannah also asks to stay.

Austin votes for Hannah, even though he loves her, because he can't vote for his dad. Understandable.

Olivia obviously votes for Ken. Irene votes for Ken. Kaylee votes for Hannah, because Ken and Austin have been on her team and a part of her support system from the beginning.

Jay votes for Ken, and says that he thinks Ken can do great and succeed on his own at home, which I am not sure I am so confident about. However, in the end he cites team loyalty, and his vote puts Ken in the majority, and Ken is sent home.

Before he goes, Austin tells him that he loves him and that he is so proud of all his dad has accomplished since being at the Ranch. He talks about the emotional issues and pain that his dad has been working through and vocalizing, and again, I wish that we knew more of what's going on with Ken.

At Home Results

Ken now weighs 238 pounds. He has lost 139 pounds in total! He takes his two children who aren't Austin back to New Zealand and they all go parasailing. It's interesting to note that his wife did not attend, and makes me more curious about what's going on there. Poor Ken.

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