Cutest Would-Be 'Biggest Loser' Couples
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I know I'm almost a month late for Valentine's Day, but I couldn't help but write an article about my favorite Biggest Loser would-be couples. It's like that high school yearbook category, where you vote for the two people who never, ever got together and humiliate them by telling them how great it would have been if they did. It's like that. Only The Biggest Loser-style.

1) Courtney and Bob

Bob loves Courtney, but I don't blame him. I love Courtney, too. She's pretty fantastic. Every time Courtney kills a workout, or talks some sass, or threatens Rulon to a death match, Bob laughs uproariously with this little twinkle in his eye. When she goes to weigh-in, he gets way more anxious than he does with anyone else. You guys, don't their post-weigh-in hugs look more meaningful than anyone else's? Watching Courtney dominate in the gym is probably the only thing Bob likes more than watching Jillian make people cry. I like to imagine Courtney and Bob tossing each other medicine balls and laughing merrily way into their eighties, with Marci looking on fondly.

... Just me?

2) Rulon and Alison

Okay, so we know Rulon is married, but has anyone else noticed the way Alison giggles at him? It's almost obscene. Remember when Alison chastised Bob and Jillian's team, all the way back in the beginning of the season, for strategizing and picking Irene to win their challenge? Remember how she was all frowny and wagged her finger? Well, remember the egg-balancing challenge, when the Unknowns strategized and thew their eggs over the barrier so that one person would strategically win?

Yeah. Alison wasn't chastising then. Instead, she was giggling and preening and congratulating Rulon on his genius leadership skills. If you don't believe me, go back and check the episode.  It's downright scandalous.

3) Cara and Justin

Um. Anyone? Did anyone else watch them last night? Did anyone else catch the way Justin was grinning while Cara pushed him down onto the gym mats, over and over? It's like he enjoys having her push him around. Did anyone else notice that, when they were screaming at each other about healing and being fighters, etc, etc,. that they looked like they were about to kiss faces? Granted, it would have been a violent make-out session, but I'm pretty sure it could have happened.

Maybe The Biggest Loser can morph into a spin-off dating show? I think the idea is excellent, but that's just me.

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