Buddy Bites: A Star is Re-born, a Crew Walks Out, and a 'Teen Mom' is Served
All is not well in the television world! Here's the short scoop on some of this week's top stories.

Not So 'Simple' Nicole Richie
ABC just gave the go-ahead on a scripted television series starring Nicole Richie. Because apparently, based on two guest appearances on Chuck, the girl's got some acting chops. The series will be written by Jeff Rake, who also penned Miss Match. What's that, you've never heard of Miss Match? It starred Alicia Silverstone and only eight episodes aired in the US. Also, the guy from Psych is in this episode.

ANYWAY, the comedy series will star Nicole Richie as a "professional woman/mom character." She is both of those things. To her credit, Nicole Richie was the less plastic of the two Simple Life stars. Would you watch her new TV show? And more importantly, does this mean the apocalypse is near? [Deadline]

The Biggest Loser Crew Scales Back
The Biggest Loser is not only responsible for weight-loss, but possible wage loss as well. On Monday night, the BL crew walked out, bringing production to a screeching halt. With support from the International Alliance of Stage Employees Union, the crew wants to unionize. 

The company that produces The Biggest Loser are working toward an agreement. It just seems like they can't catch a break. Just last week a woman broke her ankle on a hiking trail at The Biggest Loser Resort, not to mention the current season's desperate ploys to stay relevant and interesting. Good luck, Biggest Loser crew! We wouldn't have a live reveal or sugar-stacking competitions without you. [TV Guide]

MTV Got Served, But Not in a Good Way
In the news surrounding the ongoing investigation of Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, MTV has been served a subpoena for all the footage of domestic abuse between Amber and her ex-fiance Gary. MTV has been cooperative and the tapes are already with their lawyer.

There's no way this can end well for Amber, but many viewers were shocked and horrified when the scenes of domestic violence aired on Teen Mom. So maybe being on TV isn't as glamorous as we thought; if you do something wrong, you're going to get in trouble even faster. [Radar]