'Biggest Loser' Says Goodbye To Jesse And We Say, What Gives?
'Biggest Loser' Says Goodbye To Jesse And We Say, What Gives?
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In case you weren't aware of my displeasure, I'm pretty mad that Jesse went home.

Jesse is one of my favorites, guys. I don't know how it's possible to like someone on a reality show more than I like Jesse. His attitude is great, he tries his hardest, he works his butt off and he puts up good numbers. He also stands by Arthur, no matter what. He is just as caring and sweet with everyone else, Black team or Red team, as he is with Arthur. When Sarah and Deni had to switch teams, Jesse hugged Sarah and said, "You are not expendable." Just typing that makes me tear up. And everyone voted to send him home this week?! What gives?

I understand that all the parents this season are sacrificing to save their children. While I don't have kids, I can understand their thought process completely, especially since most of the children this season seem to be heavier than their parents. I would definitely agree that Courtney needs to stay at the Ranch over Marci, and that Jesse needs to stay over Arthur. However, once Deni put herself below the red line for Sarah, why was it automatically Jesse who got voted off this week?

I was totally on Jesse's side during the Black team's meeting/argument this week. Olivia stomped away angrily and a lot of other people also got huffy, but I think he was totally right. Why does anyone else deserve to be here more than Jesse? The answer is, they don't. Everyone has been volunteering to get voted off to save this or that person, and everyone is acting as if this is the rule now. It isn't. People who deserve to should stay, and people who don't should go. Just because everyone else is sacrificing themselves left, right, and center does not mean that Jesse should, too. Just because he's older, doesn't mean that he doesn't also at health risks. It doesn't mean that he no longer needs to lose weight. If anything, aren't the older contestants running out of time? Isn't it more important that they be given the gift of time at the Ranch?

OK, let's accept the fact that either Marci or Jesse was going to end up going home last night. I love Marci, but why did she unanimously get picked over Jesse? I think they're both great, but personality issues aside, Jesse is the smarter choice, strategy-wise. Marci is getting closer and closer to her goal weight. Very soon, she's going to have a hard time losing more than three pounds at a pop. That's natural and, to be honest, it would just be plain unhealthy for her to be losing more than that. (Is anyone else worried about Kaylee's really rapid weight loss this week?) However, Jesse is bigger. He's also a man, which means he has a more efficient fat-burning metabolism. If the Black team wants to keep winning weigh-ins, they would have been smarter to keep Jesse around.

Also, Jesse is just fantastic. Is anyone else with me on this?

We're going to miss you, Jesse. But we're also excited about how super foxy you look at 227. Rawr.

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