'Biggest Loser' Plays Nice
'Biggest Loser' Plays Nice
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
OK, Biggest Loser, here's the thing: You're all way too darn nice this season. I'm confused. Where's the game play? Where's the backstabbing and the "I'm not here to make friends"? All the eliminations so far are easy-peasy and lovey-dovey and a whole lot more hyphenated adjectives. Where's the drama that I know and love?

The first elimination saw Ana going home because she asked to go home. The second elimination saw Dan going home because, again, he asked to go home. The next thing we know, Don is going home because he asked to and Larialmy is going home because she asked to. What's going on here, you guys? Eliminations are supposed to be gut-wrenching and people are supposed to be fighting for their chances to stay. It's the Biggest Loser ranch. People fight to be here. What are the possible explanations for this?

1) It's too early in the season for the really competitive stuff to be happening yet.

We're only five episodes into the season. That's less than halfway through. That's only a month at the Ranch. I bet you liked your first college roommate after the first month, too. It was only after two or three or four months that you realized they left their toe nail clippings all over the floor and you wanted to lock them out of the room at night. Am I right? Everyone is being nice and respecting each other's wishes because they're all still friendly. Which is okay for a while, but everyone knows it's not going to stay that way. Give it a week or two.

2) This season is formatted differently, which brings changes.

The Unknowns hadn't faced a single elimination before last night. So, yeah, they can run around chanting about their warm and fuzzy feelings towards each other all they want, because things haven't gotten tough yet. The regular structure of the show has been thrown off. They probably do feel like a family, but as time goes on and the eliminations move down to the wire, I'm sure we'll see a very different side of this loving nuclear unit.

3) Homesickness seems to be hitting people a lot harder this season than in seasons past.

Everyone has family at home. Everyone has kids, and a fiancé, or a wife, or a husband, or a girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever. Everyone uses their family as inspiration or support and fights for letters home like they're written on paper made of gold. But it's rare that a competitor lets that kind of homesickness overtake them rather than buoy them up. We've seen it before, but never two people in such close succession (and with such a close resemblance). Yeah, I'm looking at you, Dan and Don. Especially in a 'couples' season, we would expect the teams to have more support already at the Ranch. This season, apparently, homesickness is overtaking even that.

What do you all think?  Why are the eliminations so low-key this season?

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