'Biggest Loser' Moves for a Change in Scenery
'Biggest Loser' Moves for a Change in Scenery
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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After losing Courtney to a pretty brutal weigh-in last week, everyone is bummed, so Alison cheers them up by telling them that they are going to New Zealand! They'll be there for the next two weeks, and everyone perks up significantly at the news. On the plane, the flight attendant tells them that one of them can upgrade to premium economy seating if they guess the correct height of the Skytower in Aukland. Austin's guess, at 1,100 feet, is closest to the correct answer of 1,076 feet, so he gets to stretch his legs and eat slightly better food. Good for you, kid.

See the clip again below:

Pop Challenge
Once they get to Aukland, there is of course a pop challenge. (Note: I wonder why they call them pop challenges? Is the "pop" like the "pop" in "pop quiz?" If so, why? I mean, we have one every week. It's not like they're a surprise anymore.) Cara meets them at the top of the Skytower and tells them to climb all 1,027 stairs to get to the top, where they will find a surprise! Everyone jogs up the stairs and talks about how great and in-shape they all feel. At the top is the surprise, Bob, who grins deviously and tells them that there are now two ways to get down from the top of the Skytower; they can either take the stairs or bungee-jump off the top. Right on cue, Jillian drops into the shot on a bungee and screams about how scared she is. How encouraging! Ken reveals to the camera that his biggest fear in the world is heights. Oof. I can already see how this is going to go.

Moses, Rulon and Jay are restricted from the jump because Jay has a heart condition and the other two are too heavy. Everyone else has a choice, and they all gleefully line up to jump except for Ken, who explains his fear. Bob sympathizes and shares with Ken that he, too, is deathly afraid of heights, and tells Ken that he will jump if Ken does. So Ken agrees to jump, which Bob didn't think he would do. Ken jumps and is thrilled and happy and feels free! Bob jumps and feels more relieved that his ordeal is over.

Moses' Dad Is Cute
Bob talks to Moses about his personal history with the country of New Zealand. Moses tells Bob that his grandparents saved enough money to send one of their children from Tonga to New Zealand to further their education, and that his father was the one who got to go. His father's education in New Zealand was what enabled Moses and his family to have the life they have in the United States. Bob gives Moses his cell phone so he can call his dad and tell him where he is, and their phone call is adorable.

Then everyone goes sailing on a professional racing yacht. There's a lot of winching going on.

Ken confronts Cara about their workout and diet. Ken cites the Green team's poor results last week as proof that he needs more guidance from Cara about what he should be doing to adapt the workouts to fit his injuries. A reasonable request to be sure, but Cara absolutely flips out. She screams at Ken and looks like she's on the verge of tears. Also she curses a lot and is very defensive right away. She tells him he should have been glad to lose the four pounds that he did last week, all things considered, and that he's lost a lot of weight in the past so he shouldn't be complaining now. Um, not how things really work, Cara. Ken says that he feels like Bob and Jillian have more experience in training people with injuries, which only makes Cara more angry. Jillian and Bob pull Kaylee and Austin into their workout, since Cara and Ken's "discussion" is taking so long, so Cara decides to spend the day torturing Ken with a grueling workout to prove how tough she is. How mature.

This week's challenge is a team 5K through a creek bed, up a giant sand dune, and down a beach to the finish line.

Despite Ken's injuries, the Green team gets off to a good start. In contrast, Black team suffers because Jay starts feeling an old hamstring injury cropping up. Blue is pulling in close to Green. They slog through the creek, filling their shoes with water, but the real challenge doesn't hit until they get to the sand dune. The thing is gigantic and almost vertical, and it's hard to maintain forward movement when you just keep slipping backwards. At this point, Kaylee and Ken get bogged down and Blue powers right past them. Blue wins. Green comes in second, and the Black team takes pride in the fact that they finished despite the pain of their injuries.

Watch the Black team save a lobster with Jillian in this bonus scene:

Moses Is Adorable Again
This victory is especially amazing for Moses, because cardio is his weak point. Irene and Olivia agree to give the prize -- a trip (I kept thinking they were saying Waikiki, but that's in Hawai'i. Can anyone help me out?) -- to Moses exclusively so he can share it with Kaylee, and Moses gets all choked up thinking about his dad. Someone explain to me why Moses is so cute all the time. It's almost painful at this point.

During the Last Chance Workout, Bob puts the team through some grueling yoga poses while Cara takes Ken off by himself for some extra cardio. Apparently Ken adequately shamed her.

The Blue team is first to weigh in. This weigh-in is especially worrisome, because as Bob has been saying all week, the stresses of international travel are not friendly to the human body, and travel episodes are notorious for bad numbers. Olivia loses 2 pounds, which she is content with, considering how the odds were stacked against her by the very nature of the week. Irene loses 3 pounds, but Moses loses 0, and it's so obvious that he feels bad for letting his team down.

The Black team is up next. Jay gains 2 pounds, which is nothing short of baffling. Before he got voted off, Jay consistently threw up big numbers. Maybe going home threw him off? Rulon loses 7 pounds, which makes Jillian beam with pride, and Hannah loses 4.

Kaylee is the first up on the Green team, and right away she gains 4 pounds. SEND THIS GIRL HOME ALREADY. Ugh. I can't say anything else. I have exhausted myself on the subject. However, to combat this, Austin loses 8 and Ken loses 6. These guys are just unstoppable, and Cara seems relieved to not be putting herself at risk with poor results.

The Blue team is up for elimination. Irene is the biggest loser for the week, so the vote is between Moses and Olivia. When making their last pleas to the group, Olivia brings up something she mentioned in the first episode and never againn; she needs The Biggest Loset because her weight is affecting her ability to have children. She is 35 and, as she said, running out of time to start a family. On the one hand, it's interesting that this is only the second time we've heard about it this season, but I really admire Olivia for not turning herself into a sob story and parading this story in front of us constantly.

Moses tells the group that he was going to ask to be sent home anyway, because he feels as if his journey is over and he wants to be home with his family. He tells them that his resolve in making this decision was strengthened by hearing what Olivia had to say. "I have the most amazing family," he says, "and Olivia deserves a chance to experience what I've been able to experience." In the final vote, everyone but Kaylee respects his requests that they "do the right thing," and Moses is sent home so that Olivia can stay.

See the drama again:

At-Home Results
I'm sad to see Moses go, but now he weighs 273 and has lost a total of 167 pounds. Now that he is light enough, he goes back to New Zealand with his dad and jumps off a suspension bridge. He and his dad look EXACTLY alike, and his dad is even cuter than Moses is, if that's possible. I'm going to miss Moses being on the show, but it makes me happy to think that he's glad to be back with his wife and daughter.

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