'Biggest Loser' Makeovers Really Worth It?
'Biggest Loser' Makeovers Really Worth It?
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So let's talk makeovers.

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Last night was nothing short of heartwarming. Everyone got prettied up, blonde-ed, and put into nice clothes. They got to see their families, cry happy tears and dance to the quasi-rock stylings of One Republic.

However, as Hannah so astutely pointed out during the weigh-in last night, spending ten hours in a salon chair wastes ten hours that could have been spent at the gum. Just think of all Bob's special circuits that is! There were definitely some good results at the weigh-in last night (Austin, for one), but there were also some poor showings. Hannah and Jay both usually put up bigger numbers than they did last night. Is this because their weight-loss is just naturally slowing, or because they spent a really long time getting primped and groomed instead of bicycling their buns off?

I guess it depends on how important you think last night's makeover was. To some, it might seem trivial and silly. So Ken Paves made everyone blonde. It was just an opportunity for some name-dropping and celebrity guest appearances, right? Time that could have been better spent at the gym.

Or was it?

You can go on and on about how personal appearance shouldn't be everything, but when it all comes down to it, giving the contestants this chance was probably very good for them. It's one thing to see the number on the scale drop steadily down, but when the new body is contained in the same baggy workout clothes, it's hard to appreciate that. However, being wrapped in decadent evening wear and pampered all day gives the contestants a whole new appreciation of how the work they've been doing has paid off. And being able to see family members to reinforce this new, positive body image?

Well, I think it was worth the time spent away from the gym. What do you guys think?

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