'Biggest Loser' Has a Fairy Godfather
'Biggest Loser' Has a Fairy Godfather
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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So Tim Gunn drives up in a horse-drawn carriage, which only means one thing. Guys! This is makeover week! I don't know about the rest of you, but I am really, really excited to see everyone get all glammed up. All the contestants look amazing now, and I'm pumped to see them get flashy new haircuts and dresses to add to that.

Fairy Godfather

Tim explains to everyone that he is going to be their Fairy Godfather for the week, and that he will be granting them three wishes. The first wish is going to be a makeover, but the other two are surprises. He leads them into a room full of couture. "You can wear these clothes. How does that make you feel?" he asks. You can tell how excited he is to be working with them and that makes me really happy.

Then Ken Paves shows up and does everyone's hair. I am seeing lots of blonde getting put in, which makes me apprehensive, but it is Ken Paves so chances are it is going to look good.

The Big Reveal

Hannah comes out of the horse-drawn carriage with blonde-blonde hair. Fluffy with bangs, a la Marcia Brady. Hm. I'm unsure about this. But, she is also wearing a green sequinned strappy dress that makes her look like a super sexy mermaid. Win.

And who is there to meet her but her dad! He cries when he sees her and can barely believe his eyes. It is so sweet. He says that it is wonderful to see Hannah with the confidence he has always wished for her. "I'm gonna have to get me a bigger gun, I think," he says, as he leads her away from the cameras. It's adorable. It's so heartwarming to see how happy they are to see each other.

Olivia comes out next. She has a cute bob with side-swept bangs now and her dress is strapless. She looks skinny, and so does her husband who comes to meet her! He's been inspired by her journey, and has lost 75 pounds at home on his own. Take a second for that to sink in. They both look so amazingly different. All they can seem to do is hold hands and say, "You look amazing!" to each other over and over, like teenagers. Adorable.

Austin comes out next, and thank goodness someone finally did something with his hair. He was beginning to look a little like Mario Batali lately, but now his curls are cropped and managable and he is wearing a tux and I definitely have more than a tiny crush on him now. He tells Tim Gunn about how much more confidence he has now. His mom is so incredibly happy and excited to see him. She says that the best thing for her as a mother to see his new confidence, and him holding his head up.

Irene comes out wearing a simply amazing pink dress, and her hair has a lot of blonde in it. I'm not sure if I'm a fan, but Irene is so gorgeous that she could pull off blue hair if she wanted to. Irene tells Tim Gunn that she is the ultimate girly-girl, but since she gained weight she hasn't been able to indulge in this kind of stuff. It makes her feel really happy to be able to feel like herself again, and to wear the kind of stuff she is really into.

Jay looks so dapper. HE IS WEARING A LITTLE BOW TIE. Love it. His hair and beard have been trimmed up, and his son, Matthew, is so happy to see his healthy dad that he cries.

And Irene's mama is there! Do you guys remember Ana, from Episode One? She's lost 75 pounds and they both look so amazing and happy. Cute cute cute. Guys, this is my favorite episode in a long time. Who knew that in order to make me happy, all you had to do was throw in some haircuts and family reunions?

Then Tim Gunn opens the door onto a stage where One Republic is playing, which is a little confusing but everyone makes a good show of being entertained, dancing, and having fun. Couldn't they get a real band?


The challenge takes place on a beach with over 40 sandcastles in the shape of little SUVs. Alison explains to the players that each sandcastle contains a key to one of two brand new Mazda 5's. The contestants will have to dig up a key, run .25 miles down the pier to the two cars, and see if the key turns the car on. Whichever contestant has a key that turns the car on, drives away in it.

Irene wins one of the cars on only her second attempt. She's very excited to finally win a challenge, and plans on giving the car to her mother. Aw.

At the end of an hour and-a-half, there are only two possible keys left and only one car. Olivia agonizes over which one to pick, but apparently she picks the right one because she wins a car, too. She babbles on about how the car represents new beginnings, but I'm willing to bet that she's really just glad not to have to take the subway to Central Park in order to get exercise anymore.

I'm excited for tonight's weigh-in because Olivia is at 99 pounds right now, and she's promised to sing on stage when she loses 100.

Hannah is up first, and I'm relieved that her makeover looks much better when she wears her hair straight with the bangs pinned back, like how she usually does. She loses 2 pounds for a total of 1.28%. Which is awesome for her at this stage of the game!

Jay loses 3 pounds for a total of 1.16%. He is really upset with his weight loss and doesn't know why it panned out the way it did. Jillian tells him that if he makes it to next week, she is going to personally dedicate herself to figuring out what's going on with him and fixing it.

Austin loses an amazing 7 pounds. Seriously?! At this point, he could just plain win the whole darn thing. His percentage of weight loss is 2.88%.

Irene loses 2 pounds and is officially above the yellow line. Her percentage of weight loss is 1.30%. This means that Jay is definitely below the yellow line.

Olivia is last. The results of her weigh-in are going to be stressful no matter what. If Olivia loses more than 1 pound, she is going to be kicking Hannah below the yellow line. Alison asks her which is more important to her, to lose over 100 pounds or to keep her sister on the show. Olivia honestly says that she would rather hit the 100 pounds, but that she knows that she would want the same for Hannah. Olivia loses 4 pounds, which puts her at over 100 pounds lost, but kicks Hannah below the yellow line.

All of a sudden though, we hear Tim Gunn's voice saying, "Hold on a second, Alison." Tim Gunn appears on a TV monitor and announces that he is going to be giving the contestants their third wish. He waves his hand and the yellow line disappears. Let me repeat that: The yellow line disappears. Everyone is shocked. Jillian looks like she might vomit from disbelief. This is a Biggest Loser first. No one is going home.

Olivia promised to sing, and she does, joyfully. She sings a character named Charlotte, whom she has never been cast as before. She's amazing. Bob cries.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you avoid finding out who the final four is until next week. Ciao.

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