'Biggest Loser' Contestants Pull Their Own Weight
'Biggest Loser' Contestants Pull Their Own Weight
Eleanor Bryan
Eleanor Bryan
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It's the week before the Biggest Loser finale, which means a lot of retrospectives and echoey voiceovers talking about the contestants' original weights. We begin the episode with a slew of footage of some of the really memorable workouts the contestants have done over these 20 weeks, and then we see some equally deilghtful footage in which everyone talks about how happy they are to have made it to the finale.

Pop Challenge

Jennie-O is going to award $5,000 to the contestant who can make the best recipe for a turkey burger. Everyone's ears perk up a little when they hear this. Additionally, Alison tells the asembled contestants, the winner will get to send a guest of their choice to two weeks at the Biggest Loser resort. The contest will be judged by kids, because kids are the most honest critics. Right? Foolproof plan, Biggest Loser! The only thing you neglected to take into account that the taste buds of children generally aren't aligned with the most healthy of palates. We'll see how this works out.

Olivia makes a turkey burger with a bright green "slime" sauce made from Greek yogurt. I think she was banking on the fact that kids love to be grossed out. However, judging by the responses, her Slime Burger went over like a lead zeppelin. 

Hannah dolls up her burger with honey mustard sauce, cheese and pickles, which sounds like it would be awesome if you love honey mustard. I, however, don't, so I would not be one of the kids voting for Hannah's burger. Sorry, Hannah.

Irene has a good concept in that she tries to keep things simple and non-vegetable-y for the kids, remembering her own childhood. She loads up her burgers with cheese and turkey bacon. 

Jay, however, really brings out the big guns for this one. In his real life, Jay works in marketing and advertising, so he knocks this concept out of the park with his Volcano Burger. He shapes the patties into cones and squirts some ketchup and cheese inside so that when they cook, the condiments squirt out like lava. Genius, and I'm sure he would have done even better if the kids could have seen it being done. So what if the burgers don't adhere to the traditional patty shape? All the kids snarfed them down.

In the end, it's a close race between Hannah and Jay (I guess these kids must really like honey mustard). Jay wins by a landslide, and it's really sweet to see him win at something he's good at. 

Putting the Weight Back On

After the Pop Challenge comes the real challenge. Anyone who knows their Biggest Loser had to know that the Putting The Weight Back On challenge was coming. This season, the contestants have weight that they lost each week deposited into flags that they will drop off at each hole of the golf course. Each hole of the course symbolically represents one week at the Ranch, and so they will be symbolically mimicking their journey over the course of eighteen pristine holes. Clever, clever!

Patrick House, the winner from last season, shows up to cheer them on. Like all previous winners, he's a little rounder than he was on the day of his big win, but he still looks super thin and great. He encourages them and tells them that this challenge will really cement in them a determination to never let themselves get so heavy again.

Hannah is loaded up with her 98 pounds, Jay has 154 and Olivia and Irene each have 108. The prize at steak is a Cybex at-home gym that retails at about $15,000. This prize is instrumental in them continuing their weight loss at home.

Right away, the addition of the extra weight takes an extreme physical toll on the contestants. Olivia has to call over the medic due to a full-on back spasm and trouble breathing. Jay, also, is in excruciating pain. Irene and Hannah report feeling a lot of the same aches and pains that they felt when they were heavier. It's quite alarming to see.

Hannah ultimately wins. She and Irene both cross the finish line at a run. Olviia is next, followed by Jay, who makes an effort to run even though he is injured. They all finish strong, which shows that they listen when Bob and Jillian yell at them. Allison hugs all of them and annouces that, in addition to the regular prize, Cybex is giving everyone a new Arca trainer, just for finishing!

Last Last Chance Workout!

The last chance workout is sad and emotional. It is the last time the conestants will be working out with the trainers. Everyone cries ... except for Jillian, of course. Bob talks to Irene about not letting herself put up emotional walls, and makes Hannah promise that when she gets married she has to pick someone amazing, because that is what she deserves. It's so sweet and it almost makes me tear up.


At the weigh-in, Alison announces that Irene is the Biggest Loser on campus so far. It's amazing to see how far she's come. She jogs up onto the scale and all I can think is, "Wow. She has a waist!" She loses 3lbs for a total percentage of weight lost of 2.04%.

Jay is up next. He loses 4lbs for 1.63%.

Olivia loses 4 lbs also. This officially puts her in the finale, but unfortunately officially kicks Jay below the yellow line. Her pecentage of weight lost is 2.61%.

Hannah loses 4lbs also. Her percentage of weight lost is 2.67%, which officially puts her in the finale with Olivia! Olivia runs up onto the scale with her and they hug and cry. Olivia and Hannah will be going head-to-head in the finale. 

With Olivia and Hannah above the yellow line, Jay and Irene are left to pleade their case on television about why America should vote for them to be in the final three in the finale. Then everyone goes home, dressed all fancy, to see their family and friends for some sweet reunions. I can hardly wait.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

We've seen them all get reunited with thier families before so I am going to sum the reunions up by saying a) Irene's orange dress was the best one b) Olivia's husband is CRAZY skinny now c) They all reintroduce themselves to their families and friends as new people. And rightly so, because they are now. It's beautiful.

While being at home, each contestant receives a DVD from Alison to encourage them while they are at home, waiting for the finale. Each DVD is a personalized set of clips from workouts, challenges and weigh-ins, with a special video message from each contestant during Week 1, encouraging their future selves should they make it to the finale. Seeing the clips of the Week 1 contestants talking to the Week 20 contestants is nothing short of mind-blowing. Wow.

And now we wait. Who do you guys think will make it as the third contestant in the finale?

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