10 Biggest Surprises on 'The Biggest Loser'
10 Biggest Surprises on 'The Biggest Loser'
Last night was a night of surprises big and small. Players came back, gameplay got more intense, and there were even some surprises at the weigh-in. Here are some of the biggest surprises from Week 5 of The Biggest Loser.

#10  Week 1 contestants are back
BL fiveback.png
I was surprised to see them, but also glad. I was almost sure they'd had their chance (and their second chance). After all, Bob and Jillian brought Aaron and Elizabeth back and that could have been the end of it. Instead, one more person (Anna) was given a spot on the ranch, while Corey, Montina, Shanna, and Sandy are thrice devastated.

#9 Aaron thinks fried cheese balls have less fat than anything.
BL cheeseballs.png
We'll attribute it to a moment of panic, because I eat like crap and don't own any sort of Biggest Loser calorie counting guide and even I knew that the french fries had less fat.

#8 We're going Blue vs. Black and Anna gets to choose.
Somehow I forget every season that they eventually go Blue vs. Black, so I was pleased to receive a refresher. It was even more surprising that they made Anna, who doesn't know anyone on campus, choose the teams. She put herself on the Black team to ensure that she would train with Jillian (and because the Black team is a little more stacked) but clearly had no idea what she was getting herself into (the Rebel Alliance!).

#7 Jillian gets a good team.
It's been many moons since Jillian has had a team that wasn't immediately the "underdogs." Where will she displace her anger now? She is stuck with all the "game-players" on her team, though.

#6 Anna chooses Patrick (and not herself) to have immunity.
BL blueblack.jpg
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, told her to take immunity for herself. Brendan labeled it "the dumbest move in Biggest Loser history." Just look at Rick and Brendan's faces upon hearing the news.

#5 Not everyone gets letters from home.
BL lettersfromhome.png
This was a little, insignificant move, but sometimes everyone gets letters from home, not just the winning team. But not this time! There wasn't even any sort of reward for giving your letters from home to someone else, except the intrinsic rewards and karmic rewards, of course. I was also surprised that Brendan was the first person to give up his letters, it was so nice!

#4 Bob's trainer tip was actually useful.
He told us to eat slower and stop before we feel stuffed, and to eat smaller portions. Yes! That I can do, Bob, but I'm not about to go buy some exercise ball and use it as a desk chair.

#3 Ada has the highest percentage of weight-loss.
BL Ada9.png
We all thought it might be Rick, or one of the other power players but Ada pulled into the lead and individual immunity for herself by dropping nine pounds.

#2 Brendan drops a 2
BL Brendan2.png
Was he trying to throw the weigh-in? We'll have to wait until next week to see, but The Biggest Loser preview promises that the players will get played!

#1 Rick gets blindsided.
BL Rickblindside.png
Frado even admitted that Rick wouldn't see it coming. It seemed a little soon to get rid of one of the strongest people on your team, but I guess it doesn't matter if you're gaining Patrick. Still, didn't we all think Elizabeth was going home? Also, it didn't seem like Anna was in on it. Nevertheless, Rick went home.

What surprised YOU the most?

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