'The Big C' Season 3 Preview Guide: Time Ticks and the Bargaining Begins
'The Big C' Season 3 Preview Guide: Time Ticks and the Bargaining Begins
In The Big C season 2 finale Cathy Jamison (Emmy and Golden Globe winner Laura Linney) was living life to the fullest by participating in a marathon. At the finish line, she saw an otherworldly figure of her husband Paul Jamison (Oliver Platt) alongside her deceased friends, Lee (Hugh Dancy) and Marlene (Phyllis Somerville). Meanwhile, Paul was seen lifeless on the floor of the insurance office as the EMS attempted to revive him from what appeared to be a fatal heart attack. Did his weight issues coupled with the stress from all the insurance drama caused the heart attack? What about a cocaine overdose?

So here's the thing: the premise that Cathy saw her husband's 'ghost' back at the finish line implies only one thing - death. Or does it? Did Paul die? That's certainly the big question that haunted all the fans everywhere after the season 2 finale.

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What to expect from The Big C season 3:

The Showtime dramedy returns some 3 weeks after the dark cliffhanger. While it's unclear whether or not Paul survived, series creator Darlene Hunt verifies that Platt will return and fans will get to see him again. Hunt, on the other hand, is unclear when it comes to Marlene's second coming, stating that she is hopeful that fans will see more of her in season 3.

Hunt also hints that the focus for The Big C season 3 stems from recognizing the priceless gift of time and what it means to a cancer-stricken woman like Cathy who is willfully fighting the disease. She mentions that this season will really be all about the idea of bargaining; bargaining for more time to live, that is.

Now for the big news! The Big C season 3 will not be an exception to the show's reputation of booking big stars for roles that greatly impact Cathy's character. This season, the Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon will play Joy, a survivor who is in fact using her cancer experience to inspire others.

Apart from Sarandon, with this all-new 10-episode season comes confirmed guest stars that include critically acclaimed actor Victor Garber and the returning Alan Alda.

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Be sure to keep track of Cathy's life and see how these guest stars affect her as she continues to fight and win the battle against cancer when The Big C season 3 premieres April 8 on Showtime.

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