BuddyTV High Five: 'The Big Bang Theory' Episode 4.21, 'The Agreement Dissection'
BuddyTV High Five: 'The Big Bang Theory' Episode 4.21, 'The Agreement Dissection'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Agreement Dissection."

High Five Highlights:

1. Priya continues to prove she's running the show when she attempts to put a stop to Sheldon's intolerable roommate agreement. It's infringing on her steamy shower time with Leonard.

2. After an unsuccessful attempt to relieve himself in his own apartment, Sheldon displays his usual lack of regard for social convention by barging into Penny's commode - almost running her over in the process.

3. While hesitant to engage in any activity that would include discussion of menstrual cycles, Sheldon finally agrees to tag along for a girl's night out when Penny mentions there will be plenty of Priya-bashing.

4. Sheldon surprises us again, albeit with his usual level of narcissism, by showing off his waltzing skills. Meanwhile, Penny tactfully fends off the groping attempts of her much older dance partner.

5. Spurred on by Amy Farrah Fowler's pep talk, Sheldon finds a solution to Priya's earlier nullification of his prized roommate agreement. It's below-the-belt, for sure, but Sheldon has proved time and again that being unscrupulous is not beneath him when something important is at stake.


- Sheldon didn't pull away from Amy's romantic advances. Could there be a real man lurking beneath that robotic exterior?
- Is it OK for Priya to betray Leonard in order to hide their relationship from her parents?

The Last Word:

Season 4 is, appropriately, going out with a big bang. The second-to-last episode is loaded with shocking kisses and reveals. It finally addresses the legality of Sheldon's ridiculous roommate agreement and continues to explore whether fellow super geek Amy Farrah Fowler can unleash Sheldon's suppressed sexuality -- if it's present at all. The bar scene where Amy gets a little smooch-happy and turns her interests in the female direction is a bit cliched, but she makes up for it by bringing home a nicotine-addict monkey. Incredibly, it's all tied back to the roommate agreement that's been the bane of Leonard's existence since season 1.

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