[Video] 'The Bachelorette' Season 10 Finale Preview: Josh Versus Nick
[Video] 'The Bachelorette' Season 10 Finale Preview: Josh Versus Nick
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Who will Andi Dorfman choose? The question that has been on our minds since The Bachelorette season 10 started will finally be answered on Monday's three-hour season finale event. But before she concludes her Bachelorette journey, Andi must first introduce her final two men to her family and go on the crucial last date with both men.

Meet the Parents

If you followed The Bachelor season 18, then you'd know that Andi's dad, Hy, isn't impressed easily when it comes to the men in Andi's life. He gave Juan Pablo Galavis such a hard time during the hometown date and was not afraid to let him know that he doesn't trust him with his daughter's love. This season should be no different. 

Both Nick and Josh are eager to get the blessing of Andy's dad as they claim that they both want to spend the rest of their lives with Andi.  Nick gets off to a shaky and awkward start with Andi's dad while Josh struggles to win over Andi's dad, who thinks that Josh is the kind of guy Andi always falls for but never settles down with.  "My first impression of Josh when he walked in - he's trying to be relaxed and calm and cool but he is sweating," Hy says with a laugh. "He is so nervous. This guy doesn't have a prayer."

The Final Dates

Dominican Republic sets the stage for Andi's final dates with Nick and Josh, who both give Andi special gifts to sum up their intentions. Josh sets sail with Andi while they talk about the future. Nick, on the other hand, explores a secret lagoon and goes for a private swim with Andi while they talk about their special connection. Ultimately, Andi's choice is expected to lead to a "surprising, explosive ending."

After the Final Rose

Right after season 10 concludes, Andi, Nick and Josh return to discuss their Bachelorette journey in the live After the Final Rose special with host Chris Harrison. While Andi relives her final decision,  Nick and Josh talk about the outcome and the status of their relationships.

Who do you think will Andi choose between Nick or Josh? Will she pull a Mesnick? Will she end up alone or engaged? Let us know your predictions and theories below!

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