The Winners and Losers of 'The Bachelorette' Finale
The Winners and Losers of 'The Bachelorette' Finale
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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It's tough to weigh in on the Winners and Losers on The Bachelorette simply because almost everyone in the finale won the crowd over--which doesn't often happen on this reality dating franchise. Ali was obviously left with two great suitors: Roberto, who is hot, sweet and nice, and Chris, a family man who is also attractive and genuinely down-to-earth. Let's face it, Ali wins no matter who she chooses and whoever Ali doesn't choose is her loss and our gain. But for the sake of wrapping up the season, let's weigh in on the winners and losers of the night from The Bachelorette's final episode down to the After the Final Rose special.

The Winners


Roberto has been a frontrunner on the competition since the beginning of The Bachelorette, and if Ali's smitten reaction whenever she's around him was any indication, it's feasible to say that he's got this competition in the bag. However, Roberto's fate on this show was sealed for good during his date with Ali on a private beach where they made out in the rain. He even gave her a framed photo of the two of them in the heart-shaped lagoon before giving his heartfelt declaration of love--which he followed up by proposing to Ali the next day. Check out the details of Roberto's proposal in this recap.


Choosing between two amazing guys is not easy, but Ali took the high road and courageously stayed true to herself and followed her heart while she softened the blow with a heartbroken Chris. It was painful to watch Chris get hurt after seeing him so genuinely happy with Ali and knowing what he's been through in the past, but knowing that Ali decided to break the news that she's in love with another man before their date and the Finale Rose Ceremony made this tragic love story a little bit bearable. Kudos to Ali for not letting Chris go through what would have been a very awkward and painful Final Rose Ceremony.


Technically, Chris didn't win Ali's heart but he did capture a lot more women throughout his journey on The Bachelorette. And as much as it sucks losing Ali, he still had the decency to thank her for being honest and for not letting him go through the Final Rose Ceremony and for telling her what an amazing woman she is. Now almost every girl wants a piece of Chris, who might as well end up as the next Bachelor. Check out our After the Final Rose recap: Chris Gets Closure with Ali.

The Losers

Ali's Family

Roberto and Chris got along with Ali's family, but it appeared as if most of the Fedotowsky clan were rooting for Chris. Dad gave a toast in honor of Chris, Mom admired his strength and character while Ali's siblings are in favor of Chris and Ali's slowly progressing relationship. But that's not to say that Roberto won't be a good addition to the family.


Though Frank was nowhere in the finale, he was a hot topic on the After the Final Rose special. He was already a jerk for going on the show with unresolved feelings for his ex-girlfriend Nicole and for breaking Ali's heart, but he's even more of a loser for not showing up when he was given a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the public.

Who do you think are the winners and losers of The Bachelorette finale?

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