The Men of 'The Bachelorette' Season 13 Reveal Weird Sex Stories
The Men of 'The Bachelorette' Season 13 Reveal Weird Sex Stories
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Rachel Lindsay might be one of the most highly anticipated and well-liked stars of The Bachelorette ever. Though most of the Rachel hype has come from ABC, the newest Bachelorette gained more than a few fans during her run on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. Sadly for Rachel it looks the men of her season are more interested in the making love part of the relationship than the actual relationship. ABC has released interviews with Rachel's diverse group of guys and they have some pretty wild sex stories that they are more than willing to share. 

Not all of Rachel's suitors are sex crazed maniacs and in all fairness the questions that were asked were more than a bit leading. Sexual proclivities are not that much of an indication of someone's personality either. Still, judging by some responses the cast of The Bachelorette seems to think they are applying for a very different, much more raunchy, show. Though Nick had a pretty heavy sexual discussion with ex Andi Dorfman on The Bachelor season 21, the franchise usually only implies sex rather than boldly discuss it. The one thing that can be said for Rachel Lindsay's guys is that they are bold. 

First off there is Bryan who describes his perfect date as one that leaves them "satisfied ;)." In the effort of disclosure Bryan put that winky face all by himself, I respect myself too much to use that keyboard shortcut unironically. The winky face also implying some coyness that Bryan clearly doesn't have because when asked what's the wildest thing he has done in the bedroom Bryan responds, "Handcuffs, blindfolds, hot wax or balcony sex, where we def were seen if anyone was paying attention." Whether Bryan uses "def" because he is a jerk or because he can't spell "definitely" is up for grabs. 

Bryan is just one small example because there is also Bryce. Bryce describes his greatest achievement as "making my parents proud and inspiring my little brother." This is kind of sweet but Bryce also disclosed that he caught a girl's hair on fire when they were having sex. This raises so many questions least among them was this the act that inspired his little brother. 

There is Diggy who, by his own admission, faked being asleep during a one night stand after the girl got a text her brother was missing. Having the nickname Diggy as a grown man might have been a dead giveaway but this story doesn't scream responsible husband material. Diggy better hope Rachel doesn't read through these interviews.  

Adam is a similar winner describing the most romantic gift he ever received being a threesome. It's unclear from that if Adam knows the meaning of the word "romantic." In fact there is several men in the cast who have experience with menage a trois-ing. Kenny admitted he once had sex with someone's wife while her husband watched. Lucas, whose occupation is "whaboom," had a threesome at a wedding. It's enough that there are three of them but there is a certain amount of sexual serendipity that they are a dating show competing for one woman.  

This isn't all that the men have shared sexually. Though these similarities are much more embarrassing and didn't really need to be shared for any reason. Fred and Iggy both describe getting visually aroused while at work and had to hide their excitement. If this is a problem for them maybe going on a dating show watched by millions was not the best move... 

The sex stories just scratch the surface of this cast. Lucas' job being whatever "whaboom" is one thing but Johnathan describes his occupation as a "tickle monster." Clearly ABC has found a interesting group of guys for Rachel Lindsay to date and they will undoubtedly make great TV. Hopefully it won't just be a (very fun) trainwreck and Rachel can find an actual relationship out of the experience.

But what do you think? Are these sex stories that wild? Is it right judge the guys over these stories? What do you think a "whaboom" does for a living? Is that more or less disturbing than someone who is a tickle monster? 

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