The Big 'Bachelorette' Spoiler: Who Does Ali Choose?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Read no further if you don't want to hear spoiler straight-talk about this season of The Bachelorette and its final outcome, courtesy once again of one Reality Steve and his reliable (so far, anyway) inside sources.

So: Who does Ali Fedotowsky choose?

Here's what Steve says he knows:

For a few weeks now, Reality Steve has maintained that Ali's final two guys are Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez, and that, while he knew which guy Ali didn't choose in the final rose ceremony, he would wait to reveal the name of the winner until he was sure that guy actually was a winner. Meaning: he wasn't yet sure if Ali left The Bachelorette engaged, dating or alone.

Well, now Steve's spilling the beans (as far as he knows, anyway): Ali Fedotowsky is single.

How does he know? Steve says he has "overwhelming evidence that has been given to me by five different sources," who have all told him that "Ali is single."

What kind of "overwhelming evidence"? Apparently that is for him to know, and for us to wonder about.

But there you have it, folks: if these spoilers are just as accurate as Steve's from previous seasons, both Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez will leave the final rose ceremony without Ali, and Ali will leave without a man or a ring.

Unhappy with this news? Steve still allows us a sliver of doubt, at least where Roberto's concerned:

I'm just relaying to you everything that I've been told. And that is, 100% without a doubt she did not pick Chris at the final rose ceremony. So basically, she is either with Roberto, or she's with no one, and I've been told she's with no one and single. Guess time will tell."

Guess so! Tell me what you think, Bachelorette-heads:

Do you believe the spoilers? What do you make of Ali's final choice? And which of her final two guys would you love to see get a second chance as the next Bachelor?

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