The Bachelorette: This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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By Susan Young,

So, that feeling of emptiness begins to set in.

No more amazing races or survivor challenges for a while. Kris came from behind like Mine That Bird in the Derby - although I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking Adam was the real winner because he won't have to sing that horrible Kara DioGuardi "No Boundaries" song again.

Models are tucked away until the next cycle. Louisiana cattle rancher J.T. scored big for good ol' boys across America on Survivor.  And that muscular little gymnast Shawn proved spunk rules when she stuffed the dashing Gilles in the final dance-off on Dancing with the Stars.

But more importantly, Melissa will be known as the graceful dancer on DWTS instead of the girl who got the diamond ring yanked right off her finger on The Bachelor.

ABC wanted the jilted Melissa to come back as this season's Bachelorette, but she had enough of love on the small screen and chose to dance away her troubles instead.  She put on a good show for DWTS fans, although she didn't make it to the finals. After her post-Bachelor rejection, she went back to her "on again, off again" guy without exposing the relationship to glaring cameras and uncomfortable televised spa hook-ups.

So producers moved on, setting their sights on the quirky brown-haired Canadian girl Jillian.

Honestly, all I remember about Jillian from the The Bachelor was that whole "I can find out everything I need to know about a man from what he puts on his hot dog" deal. For those who need a refresher course, ketchup guys are solid, but boring; bad boys use sauerkraut, onion boys fear commitment and a mustard man is the guy you want to marry.

She hasn't broken out the condiments yet, but there's been some hot dogging action going on all the same.

Jillian isn't drop-dead gorgeous, but she's got a smoking body - which is enough for most guys.  But for our viewing purposes, she's got a great sense of fun and adventure.  She's already had these guys do a road rally so they could win a solo date with her in a bank vault and went to Venice Beach where the boys hit the court with the Harlem Globetrotters.

The suitors are the usual assortment of tools.  Jillian likes the bad boys, preferably bad boys sporting some boots, jeans and a Texas twang. Already, my favorite is Jake, a pilot who knows how to two-step his way around a dance floor. But Jillian's also smitten by Wes, who seems like he's there to promote his music career more than his love life.

Yet she rosed him after a romantic dinner for two, thus saving him from the voting process before the other guys could try to kick him out of the pack.

Then again, she also handed out a flower to one of the creepiest guys we've seen this side of America's Most Wanted. Tanner P. has a foot fetish that should have sent him packing. For whatever perverted reason, Jillian lets him stay. She did, however, wisely cut Brian, the guy who stripped down to his McNuggets and jumped in the pool in order to make an impression. Sadly, the pool wasn't quite heated enough.

Then there's the poster boy for anger management, David, who wants to pound on Juan because he dumped his shot glass rather than knock it back with the boys. A criminal offense if ever I saw one. He even suggested tying Juan up to a tree. And they all voted for Juan to get the boot. But Jillian saved him too.

We just hope Juan doesn't end up stuffed in a locker or a trash can next week.

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