The Bachelorette: The Ones that Got Away
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
While most fans are pleased with The Bachelorette's happy ending (you can read full recap here), some fans are still dwelling on the men Jillian didn't choose. I'm specifically referring to Kiptyn Locke and Reid Rosenthal, Jillian's final two suitors who have both earned quite a lot of supporters amidst this whole Bachelorette ordeal.

Sweet surfer Kiptyn was a frontrunner on The Bachelorette. After Jake got the boot, viewers were looking for yet another "perfect guy" and Kiptyn pretty much embodied what they were look for. As Jillian described the hunk, "He has a nine-pack, he volunteers. He's smart. He's eloquent. He has a huge heart." It also didn't hurt that there was undeniable chemistry between Jillian and the soft-spoken business developer. But she just wasn't quite as sure of his feelings for her and that became more evident in last night's finale.  

"I'm getting there," ---that's what Kiptyn said after Jillian's dad asked him if he's really in love with his daughter. If you're a parent, that's not the kind of response you'd want to hear from someone who's going out with your child. Then again, you have to give credit for Kiptyn for being completely honest to himself and to the whole situation.

At any rate, Kiptyn was eliminated by Jillian while making one of the more graceful exits in the final moments. But while seeing Jillian reject Kiptyn was disheartening, it's not nearly as depressing as watching Jillian turn down Reid, who returned a little too late.  

"I had to come back," Reid told Jillian in the finale. I had to tell you that I love you, and hopefully you feel the same way."

 "I love you this much," he added, arms stretched wide, before getting down on one knee. "Jillian, I love you, and you're somebody I could spend the rest of my life with."

Unfortunately, Reid didn't make it as far as the proposal part because Jillian pulled him to his feet before telling him that she's already made up her mind about spending her life with someone else.

Though Reid and Jillian make a good couple, I'd actually be disappointed if Jillian suddenly accepted his proposal. It would certainly make her look fickle and the show even more scripted. Still, I feel sorry for Reid than any of the bachelors on The Bachelorette season 5. Kiptyn gets his second shot at love as the next Bachelor, or at least rumor has it. But Reid ---he remains crushed in spite of his valiant effort to declare his love for Jillian.

It's been several weeks since filming of the show wrapped up so perhaps Reid has moved on and has already found closure but he remains a favorite among many Bachelorette fans.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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