'The Bachelorette' Season 13 Finale Roundup: Twitter Chooses Peter Over Bryan
'The Bachelorette' Season 13 Finale Roundup: Twitter Chooses Peter Over Bryan
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The Bachelorette season 13 ended in style (and over the course of three hours) with Rachel Lindsay choosing Bryan over Peter in the end. While Rachel Lindsay's reactions stuck mostly to heartfelt conversation -- both with the camera and with Chris Harrison -- Twitter got a little more creative.

The three-hour runtime of this final episode did not escape the notice of the Twitterverse.

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One of the reasons for the exceedingly long episode was the fact that all three remaining suitors were hanging out backstage, just waiting to have a final confrontation with Rachel Lindsay. They were seen briefly ahead of time, which brought up much speculation.

At least Twitter's love for Peter got a gift early on in the Bachelorette 2017 finale episode, after Rachel decided she did want to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. Whatever they did, Peter looked happy and only semi-clothed in the morning.

That night did seem to bring some clarity to Rachel, who then eliminated Eric, keeping both Peter and Bryan for the final round. Eric may not have inspired quite the same passion as some of the other men, but Twitter seemed cool with the young man in his departure.

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That left Bryan and Peter. And it meant that Peter had to try to overcome either his reluctance to propose or else Rachel's insistence on a proposal. Twitter, of course, pretty much took Peter's side.

Rachel's strong feelings about proposal when talking to Peter meant that some fans saw parallels to another show's female protagonist.

It all got very emotional before the "breakup."

A lot of Twitter users were convinced that Rachel was making the wrong choice.

Meanwhile, some tweets focused more on a dislike for the eventual winner, Bryan.

There was even some dislike of Rachel.

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Overall, many were just dissatisfied with how The Bachelorette seemed to be turning out after a season of emotions.

At least the Bachelorette ending made for some good little jokes.

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