The Bachelorette Recap: Bringing Home the Canadian Bacon (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last week on The Bachelorette, Jillian sent home Robby, Jake, and Tanner after a train ride through Canada.

Now Jillian has 5 of her original 30 men left, and it's time for her to visit their hometowns and meet their families.

This is always an interesting episode, because you get to see where everyone comes from. And then inevitably realize that 10 minutes with their folks isn't really enough by which to judge this 2-dimensional reality character you don't really know anyway, and also that all of the families of everyone on The Bachelor(ette) are polite, charming, slightly demanding upper middle class people itching for grandchildren so badly that they're willing to project their dinner rituals on national TV. Let's see if this batch holds true to form.
First up is: Reid in Philadelphia.

Reid starts off his date by giving Jill the ol' "two hands holding burning hot coffees behind your back" hug. They sit down and chat, and share the most awkward kiss ever had since we invented the thing.

Jillian then meets Reid's family (his parents and 2 brothers), and hears all about how she could fit into their real estate family business. Reid's mom Rhonda then sits down Jillian for a heart-to-heart about Reid (he's cautious, but it's a good thing). His brothers have their turn with Jillian (not in THAT way, ew, you guys) and say they think Reid is still single because he's afraid (or has been afraid) of commitment until now. Reid asks for fatherly advice, and his pop Larry tells him to jump in if it seems like a good idea. Fair enough. Unfortunately for Reid, these waters are infested with reality TV sharks and music-promoting snakes. But he's willing to risk it anyway.

Reid's family throws him a surprise 30th birthday party, and they're shocked to see Jillian and Reid being affectionate in front of everyone. Usually Reid isn't a PDA sort of guy, apparently. (Makes sense. Kissing spreads germs!) Jillian leaves Philly saying she's falling even harder for Reid.

Next up: Michael in New York.
Michael has an "identical" twin brother who isn't quite identical, Steve. After raving over Jillian to Steve and his adorable parents Lynn and Frank, our little squealy Canadian shows up, and the family commences with their typical shenanigans.

First Michael and Steve try to switch outfits and fool Jillian, but she has eyes, so it doesn't work. Seriously, they look alike, but I have a harder time remembering which is Mary Kate and which is Ashley (JK, I still don't actually know!)

Lynn talks to Jillian (saying she's happy to see how much Michael adores her), Steve talks to Jillian (saying Michael is ready for marriage), and then Michael talks to his dad (getting the go-ahead to fall hard for the girl), and by that time everyone is super hungry from all that yammering, so they sit down to dinner, and Dad asks Jillian the "question for the table" (a tradition): to name 3 things she is most proud of. Jillian says she is proud that she can laugh at everything, that she loves to see good in everybody, and that she has lots of energy/work ethic.

Then Michael's long-lost sister Jenna shows up from Australia! Everyone is so excited to see her! And yet we never get to really see or hear her! Weird. After some dancing in the living room, Michael kisses Jillian goodbye on her way to California.

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