'The Bachelorette' Poll: Who's the Standout Stud After Night One?
'The Bachelorette' Poll: Who's the Standout Stud After Night One?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The first Bachelorette cocktail party is always a blur of names, faces, neckties and awkward introductions, but inevitably, a few prime pieces of man-meat always stand out from the pack. 

Yes, it's a little too early to tell which guy, if any, will turn out to be Emily's perfect match, and especially too early to say if they'll be up to snuff when it comes to being a father-figure to little Ricki. But we can judge them on their first impressions -- and their figure-figures, too. 

So, here are the top five bachelors I'd say made the strongest impressions in last night's premiere. You tell me: which one is your favorite? (Don't see your favorite in this short list? Tell us who else you liked in the comments!)

From left to right:

Arie: The dashing Indy driver put it all on the table, and kept his cool, when he told Emily about his occupation, which he worried would bring back painful memories, given her late fiance's racing career. But Emily was cool with it -- she loves the track. And it probably didn't hurt that Arie's such a stonecold fox.

Chris: The manly corporate sales director showed off his fun side with a pair of bobbleheads in his and Emily's likenesses. Emily loved the gesture, and granted Chris's bobblehead a gesture in return: A kiss from hers! If Chris keeps playing his cards right, maybe he'll get the real thing soon.

Doug: The single dad from Seattle pulled hard on Emily's heartstrings, giving her a hand-written letter from his 11-year-old son, explaining why Doug is a great guy and dad. The gesture worked, and Doug got Emily's First Impression rose for making her feel so comfortable. Will their similar parenting situations bring Doug and Emily even closer together as the weeks go on?

Jef: From the moment this charity director from Utah rolled up on his skateboard and flashed his pop star grin, Emily was smitten. He says he's used to people underestimating him, but the Bachelorette instantly formed a high opinion of Jef, saying he's so cool that he makes her feel like a nerd. And he earned that compliment just by being his smooooth, easygoing self.

Ryan: The former pro football player turned sports trainer showed up with a note that read, "You are beautiful / I'm so nervous," and put an equally nervous Emily at ease with his cute admission. And smile. And muscles. 

These guys didn't make quite as great impressions: See the Diaries of the Departed from The Bachelorette episode 1.

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