The Bachelorette: Michael Defends "Good Guy" Wes, Open to Twin "Bachelor" Season
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Michael Stagliano, the 25-year-old breakdance instructor whose heartfelt exit interview during Monday night's Bachelorette left many women swooning (and thinking, "Nice guys really do finish last!"), spoke with the media today about his experience on the show, and still had only nice things to say about the object of his then-affections, Jillian Harris.

And, to many viewers' surprise, only nice things to say about his competitor, Wes Hayden, who is sparking more than a bit of anger on and off-screen amidst some nasty girlfriend rumors.

"I'll stand by him," said Michael. "I think he's a good guy."

Read on for more from Michael, including... Could he and brother Steve ever pull an "Ikki Twins," and be the first twin Bachelors? He's open to it...

Do you really think that you fell in love with Jillian?
I think when you get out of the show, there's definitely a moment of, wait a minute. What was that? It's a hypersensitive situation to meet someone. Jillian's the only girl you see for six weeks. So that has to be stated, but to this day, I still think about her. I still could not say anything bad about her. I liked everything I got to see about her. Those are real feelings.

Do you think the age difference played a factor in her not choosing you?
She obviously talked to me about that directly a few times, but I'm telling you, I never felt like she was older than me. If anything, I thought, this girl's even goofier than I am. She's very young at heart. So I don't know. Can I ever say I felt like I needed to act more like a 30-year-old? No.

Do you still want to get married very young?
Absolutely, I still want to get married young. I want to have kids before I'm 30, and I want several years with my wife before that.

You are billed as a breakdance instructor, but what do you actually do?
I do a few things. What paid the bills before I went on the show was bartending. I did some acting, I wrote a book. I sing and write songs. And then I've been getting a whole lot of modeling gigs, so that's kind of been paying the bills. Jack of all trades, master of nothing.

Who do you think is the best person for Jillian?
My top two guys were Kiptyn and Jesse. Kiptyn's just very even-keeled and mellow, I think he contrasts Jillian well. And Jesse's not on the show anymore.

Do you think Wes has a girlfriend?
I honestly don't know. I never talked to Wes at all. I never had any of that light shed on to me. I do know that he is a really good guy. He's getting edited kinda badly. I've been pretty taken back by all of this stuff. I don't think Jake is a liar, I think he heard something that was concerning that he thought he had to talk to Wes and Jillian about. I just don't know whether it's fact or fiction.

Do you think Wes is really a good fit for Jillian?
I don't know that I would say Wes is right for Jillian. I think Wes is being cleverly edited to make it seem like he said some things that were taken out of context. I asked him once, "What's your deal, you're a rockstar right?" And he said, "Mike I'll tell ya, I'm 32, I've been with a lot of girls, and I'm ready to settle down." He was speaking the truth when he said that. I'll stand by him. I think he's a good guy.

How do you feel about Ed coming back?

I think actually in the rose ceremony, I put my hand up to ask Chris Harrison, "Wait a minute, is this legal? Doesn't this break the structure of the show?" I didn't understand that. And then the other part is, at the end of the day it doesn't really matter what I think. It's all about Jillian. If Jillian really cared for Ed, then by all means he should come back.

If Jillian came to you asking for another chance, would you give it to her?
Oh man. Wow. I have not thought about that. I finished fifth, which is way out of the running for like the Jason-Melissa-Molly thing.

Would you and your twin brother Steve, consider doing the first twin version of "The Bachelor"?
I think honestly, Steve and I would make it a fun show, it would be great. I honestly got to see that the process works- I fell for her [Jillian] and there's no denying that. I couldn't imagine anything better happening in my life.

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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