The Bachelorette: Jillian Harris Speaks Out on Wes Hayden
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Wes Hayden has been the bone of contention for sometime now on The Bachelorette and hearing the rumors and allegations week after week surrounding his alleged girlfriend and intention to promote his career on the show have only made matters worse not just for the country singer's reputation but Jillian Harris' as well. And now that the bad boy is definitely gone, Jillian breaks her silence and admits that Wes' elimination was long overdue.

"I know I kept him for WAY too long," Jillian wrote on her blog on "I FULLY admit this. Someone wrote the truest way to explain it -- it's like you're watching a horror movie that you starred in ... And all your friends are yelling at you, 'He's behind you! He's behind you!' Ha. There are so many ways to explain my connection with Wes. I cringe to admit this, but I truly was blinded by many of Wes's 'good qualities' for the better half of his stay that I refused to see all the red flags (and there were a lot of them!)."

Still, the question remains: Why did Jillian keep Wes in the running for so long? Apparently, Jillian has been surrounded with everything "urban" all her life and she's always had this fantasy of being with someone that reminds her of her roots.

"Wes defined that fantasy to a tee," she said. "And the others were such city boys, I had such a hard time letting that long-time fantasy go."

In spite of all the Wes drama, Jillian compassionate towards Wes and has even urged fans to give the bad guy a break.

"I still don't know if Wes had a girlfriend, but I do think Wes was there for his career. Along the way, we did build a friendship but his presence on the show was a disservice to both of us. It made me look like a fool and like I had bad judge of character, and it made him look like someone he is not. I guess this is what you lay out on the line when you sign up for something like this, right? Ultimately, you are all still entitled to your opinion, but I am a huge supporter of forgiveness and I hope you can give Wes a break and lay this one to rest," she added.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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