'The Bachelorette' Interview: Chris was Never a 'Second Choice'
'The Bachelorette' Interview: Chris was Never a 'Second Choice'
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The Bachelorette ended with an engagement for Desiree and Chris, but there were still questions left answered. Chris and the Bachelorette herself shared their thoughts with the media on the roller coaster season.

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On Brooks Leaving and How That Affected Desiree and Chris:

Desiree said telling Chris during the proposal what had happened with Brooks, and then filling him in on more details later, was enough and that they hadn't had to rehash the details since. Chris hasn't even seen the break-up that aired nor does he plan to -- that's how much he believes in his own love with Desiree. He said it's a decision he and Desiree made early on. He's willing to let the past stay in the past as they work on moving their relationship forward.

Desiree said the feelings and emotions get accelerated on the show, and that's actually what helped her get over it quickly.

"I can't make someone love me and so I wasn't going to dwell on that but really take time to see the other relationships I formed," she said. "I was able to look beyond Brooks leaving and to see the good that was going to come from it."

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On Why Chris wasn't Told That Drew was Let Go:

It was awkward watching Chris meeting Desiree's family and being asked about Drew, who Chris believed was still in the running. It made it seem like the door was still open for the possibility of Brooks' return. Desiree said she made the decision to keep quiet because she didn't want the added pressure on Chris of him being the only one to meet her family -- and the only man left standing.

"I never had any kind of hopes for Brooks to come back -- that ship had sailed. So I was just focused on my relationship with Chris, and I wanted it to be the right moment and the right time to really express everything to him," Desiree said. "I think it worked out nicely when he found out."

On Chris Being the "Second Choice": 

Chris said it's his confidence in his love for Desiree and what they have that lets him see past all the naysayers. He even mentioned the fact that there are things viewers never see because of editing, time constraints, etc.

"When Brooks ultimately decided to leave, while that did play a little bit of a factor, that didn't affect my decision-making process. I still knew that at the end of the day, I wanted to be with Des and that's what I was focused on," Chris said.

Desiree added that Chris was never a second choice.

"There was still two weeks left even when Brooks left. I didn't even have a date with him," Desiree said. "And those last two weeks, if you talk to anyone, those are the most vital because it's not just about qualities, it's really about picturing a life together and making sure it's going to fit. 

"Regardless of Brooks leaving or not, and what was shown with my emotions and how strongly I felt, I still don't know how I would've ended up because Chris and I always had a strong connection from the very first time we ever talked, and I think it's going to be nice for everyone to go back and see that progress because that was definitely a natural progression."

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On Desiree's Favorite Memory of The Bachelorette:

She quickly pointed out the proposal and also the hometown date where Chris took her to the baseball field where he used to play as a kid.

"That was a really great moment because I could see my future and what it would look like with him," Desiree said. 

On a Vision for Her Wedding Dress:

Desiree said she would be designing her own dress. Her style is more non-traditional.

"I do like the more vintage style -- romantic and subtle but still very elegant," Desiree said.

The Bachelor season 18 with Juan Pablo premieres January 6, 2014, on ABC.

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