'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: Brooks vs. Chris
'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: Brooks vs. Chris
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With only four men left on The Bachelorette, it's becoming pretty obvious which guys are making quite an impact on Desiree Hartsock. And based on Monday's episode, it looks like it's going to be a battle between Brooks and Chris. Find out what host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and Desiree herself have to stay about these two front runners.

What they Say about Brooks...

Chris Harrison: "Brooks got the first one-on-one this week. I find these two very interesting. They seem happy together, but they also seem very cautious. It's almost as if they spend time trying to figure out how to define their relationship or figure out how the other person is feeling The point is while their outward appearance is happy and free, their words still seem cautious. Des later admitted to me that she isn't 'running' toward love, she's actually at the 'finish line.' She's in love with Brooks and she feels he's in love with her as well, although he hasn't expressed that to her verbally." 

Desiree Hartsock: "I knew that Brooks was reflective and needed reassurance, but I has no idea that we may not be on the same page. I wish he had felt comfortable enough to tell me what he was feeling. I let the men know from the beginning that it was a two-way street, so I appreciated that Brooks wanted to be confident in his decision to introduce me to his family. I could tell from the emotion he showed that his family means a lot to him so I was glad (and relieved!) that he wanted his family to meet me... The fireworks at the end of the night were incredible, and the date left me feeling good about where Brooks and I stood. I felt like he could be the one for me."

Ali Fedotowsky: "I can't believe she actually told [Chris Harrison] she's in love with Brooks! I know this sounds SO weird, but that fact that the editors of this show left that in, makes me really think that Brooks is NOT the one. Why would the producers show us this with so many episodes left?!?! Does Brooks leave? Why would they give away the winner so soon?" 

What They Say About Chris...

Chris Harrison: "Chris got the second one-on-one this week and as good as Brooks' date was, Chris' was just as emotional, if not more. When these two are together they just seem right. It's unbelievably easy and nothing seems forced between them. Chris really seems to make Des happy and he became the first this season to tell Des he loves her. He did it in a poem, but it still very much counts and Des knows exactly how he feels about her. Later, during our deliberation, Des admitted she's also fallen for Chris and that she could easily see a future with him. I'm glad she's kept an open mind and is still able to separate each man and each date at this point." 

Desiree Hartsock: "It was nice to share that time on a deserted island with Chris and write a poem together. That's something I've never done before with a boyfriend, so it definitely set our connection apart from others.  Dinner with Chris that night in town was beyond romantic. It was nice to learn more about his family. But the ultimate treat was another poem he wrote that ended with him saying he loved me. That was more than I had expected that night. It meant so much to me that he was able to be so vulnerable. It was also a good sign that I wasn't scared when he read those words."

Ali Fedotowsky: "I'd like to point out that Desiree was standing next to Chris on the boat ride in. Did you notice that? That's a BIG indicator to me that she's into him! She's always near him in a group setting. At first I thought Desiree and Chris' poem was cheesy (I mean how many poems can you write?!), but after giving it a minute to set in, I think it's pretty darn cute. I know Desiree is artistic (she designs wedding dresses), so maybe Chris is too and this is how they like to express themselves. How cute would it be if they ended up together and wrote each other poems all the time? They could have a book full of poems. I love it! I love them! I have to say that I'm totally team Dis..or team Chree (Cray?). I have no idea what we should call them, but I'm pulling for them... Anyway, I'll end this rant by saying that I think Chris and Des could totally fall madly in love with each other... but I don't think they have it quite yet."

Who do you think will Desiree pick: Brooks or Chris?

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