'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: Predicting the Front-Runners of Season 9
'The Bachelorette' Family Blogs: Predicting the Front-Runners of Season 9
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Desiree Hartsock kicked off her Bachelorette journey by meeting 25 men, weeding out the creepy, the knight, the magician and the dipper, and ultimately trimming  down her hopefuls to 19  by the end of  last night's episode. Though this was just the first episode of season 9, some guys already stood out as possible front-runners-- as revealed and predicted by host Chris Harrison, Bachelorette season 6 star Ali Fedotowsky and even Desiree herself.
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Ali Fedotowsky's Predictions: "1. Drew: They had great chemistry. I really like that he was the first one out of the limo and he was so shy. Plus, he and Desiree giggled so much together when they  were talking inside the mansion. She is definitely into him. 2. Brooks: We don't see much of him this episode but see quite a bit of him in the season preview at the end of the show. This make me think he could win. The winner rarely gets a lot of screen time the first night, so I always look for that in the first episode. 3. Ben: I think he could end up breaking her heart (based on the season preview), but right now I think she is really into him. So, he is a frontrunner in my mind... My heart completely melted when Ben showed up with his son Brody! "Daddy, did I do everything?" I really hope Ben makes it far. It says a lot about him that he was upfront about having a son right from the start. Unfortunately, the tease for the rest of the season made me question him. It looks like Ben isn't a good guy, which totally bums me out because I really liked him."

Chris Harrison's Pick: "Maybe the boldest, riskiest move came from Ben, who arrived with his son, Brody. At first I thought this idea could easily be a disaster, but as you saw, Brody was absolutely adorable and it turned out to be the most impressive romantic arrival of the night. More importantly, it really made an impression on Des and she ended up giving Ben the first rose of the season."

Desiree Hartsock's Revelation: "The biggest impression of the night was Ben bringing his 3-year-old son Brody with him. It melted my heart seeing his little boy come out of the limo first to hand me a flower that he picked. It was adorable to say the least and Ben was so sweet and charming. It meant a lot for me to know he has a son and for that not to be kept a secret. After my conversation with Ben, I realized that we had a lot in common with our interests and our values so I knew I wanted to get to know him better and hand him the first rose."

Based on these blogs, it sounds like Ben is quickly becoming the leader of the pack. Do you agree with these predictions?

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