'The Bachelorette' Week 5 Preview: The 2-on-1 Date from Hell
'The Bachelorette' Week 5 Preview: The 2-on-1 Date from Hell
Ashland Hubbard
Ashland Hubbard
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It's week five of The Bachelorette and things are cooling down ... the temperature, that is, because Desiree Hartsock and her remaining men are off to Munich, Germany, to warm themselves up with romance in this wonderful, but cold city. Last week's trip to Atlantic City was only a tiny preview of things to come. If a trip requires a passport, there will either be drama or passion, and on this week's episode, Desiree gets both!

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On the group date, Des takes her bachelors to the highest mountain peak in the country. How do they make it to the top? In a gondola, of course! Will there be any yodeling? It seems like a natural thing to do on top of a mountain, right? After taking in the spectacular view, Des and the guys sled down the snow-covered slope. Everyone is in good spirits because they are in such a majestic place.

While things are playful and light during the group date, the dreaded 2-on-1 date between the house villain, Ben Scott, and Michael Garofola is nothing short of awkward. This date is high stress since there is only one rose for Des to give out, but Michael and Ben argue the entire time, completely ignoring their beautiful date. Although Ben hasn't been playing well with others, it is Michael that really acts out of line. Poor Des is forced to watch as the two guys play a verbal game of tennis.

The rallying is so unbearable that Des wants to call the whole thing off and send them both packing. Come on, guys! Throwing around your ego in front of a lady is never okay. It's Dating 101! Will both guys go home or will Des send only one of them? 

Traveling with someone, or for Des a group of men, will either heighten the romance or bring out the worst in people. This week's episode is sure to be a roller coaster ride of emotion, both good and bad, so be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm on ABC.

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