'The Bachelorette' Deleted Scenes: Two Awkward Kisses and One Bachelorette
'The Bachelorette' Deleted Scenes: Two Awkward Kisses and One Bachelorette
Ashland Hubbard
Ashland Hubbard
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During week three, Desiree Hartsock already made some great connections with the remaining men on her journey to find love. However, like any journey, there is sure to be a few bumps, and this week Desiree and Bryden Vukasin almost stalled out before even getting started.

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To most loyal members of the Bachelor Nation, a hot tub guarantees a steamy make-out session or at least a kiss. The cocktails, heat and bubbles always seem to inspire a moment of passion. However, some of the contestants can get gun-shy, and in episode 2 of The Bachelorette, Bryden was no exception. He didn't seem to get the memo that hot tub equals action.

It can't be easy dating in front of a bunch of cameras, and it seemed especially hard for the shy, military vet. Bryden is a gentleman to a fault. Although the body language and tension between Desiree and Bryden was palpable, he just wouldn't lean in for the kiss. Desiree, being the sweetheart that she is, decided to break the ice by saying, "Just kiss me already," and the awkward moment is swapped for a kiss. Finally! Although a bit uncomfortable, at least Bryden is not sleazy like Jonathan Vollinger, the guy who will forever be remembered as making the worst first impression by trying to get Des alone in the fantasy suite on the very first night.

Desiree did mention that she felt like a little kid around Bryden, so perhaps it took some coaxing to make Bryden man up and go for the kiss. Despite the almost too-painful-to-watch moment, Des and Bryden seem like a good match. Both are refreshingly humble people, yet they have a goofy side that really compliments one another. Bryden just needs to get more comfortable with the Bachelorette way of dating and things could really heat up between the two of them. Perhaps he will even make it to the final four!

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Bryden isn't the only one feeling awkward. In episode 3, Mikey Tenerelli admitted to feeling insecure while sitting poolside with Des. His exterior is so tough, yet he appears to be a genuine guy. However, after admitting to feeling uncomfortable, he made the audience feel uncomfortable by kissing Desiree on the side of her mouth and then offering her a mint post-kiss. Not cool, Mikey! Not only that, but the mint was pulled straight from his pocket.

Despite these two bumps on Desiree's road to true love, one guy proved to be quite smooth. Zak Waddell, the "abs" bachelor, showed Des that he is more than the house clown. First, he gave Des an antique journal with an adorable inscription, and then in a deleted scene from episode 3, he wrote a thoughtful message on a grapefruit in the garden just for her. They both shared the fruit and then a citrus-flavored kiss that demonstrates their instant chemistry. The other guys better watch out for Zak W., because he is a sweetheart.

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