The Bachelorette: BuddyTV Users Sound Off on Jake, Wes, and Jilly's Bad Judgment
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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On Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, slimy musician Wes stayed in the game while dreamy pilot Jake was sent packing... and millions of American women could be heard, in unison, screaming at their TV screens: "NOOOOO!"

As her season winds down and she gets closer to choosing a mate, Bachelorette Jillian seems to be learning the hard way that decisions just get tougher as the competition for her heart dwindles.

But is Jillian even qualified to be making these decisions about her future partner? Is she a bad judge of character, or just following the rocky road towards true love? Should she have kept "perfect" Jake around, or was the chemistry lacking?

After Monday night's episode, BuddyTV users sounded off in force on both sides of these questions, plus: if Jillian doesn't want him, should America sweep up Jake as their next Bachelor?

See our favorite comments below!

Lots of users were appalled that Jillian let go of Jake because of his great personality and important qualities they look for in a mate:

eliz72 said: He is bright, strong, genuine and amazingly sweet! His time will come and all the heartache will be a thing of the past and looked as a stepping stone towards his future happiness... TEAM JAKE!!!!

mshotstuff101 said: Jake is smart, sweet, and the most gorgeous guy ever. He is better then all those guys on that show. I'm sure america fell in love with him, as i did and my family. I rooted for Jake through every round because he deserves someone! He is definately the whole package and i lost respect for her when she made that stupid decision.

mkruse said: The funny thing is that Jake is not perfect. Jake's flaws are overextensions of his strengths such as being too nice. Jake is old-fashioned and a gentlemen, but on their first date he was really able to let his guard down.

MialindaFrancis2 said: Jake is the one for her. Why would she turn down an intelligent, responsible, and good looking partner??? As a woman, I definitely want someone who can take care of me...

Others were most upset by the fact that Wes remains on the show, while Jake was booted. Now that's what you call adding insult to injury!

kris10g said: Jillian is even stupider for keeping that sleazy Wes and for being afraid of what Jake and his "perfection" but hey, just like the guys said about Jason; it's her loss, the new girls gain.

ChristineC158 said: I hope she picks Wes at the end and leaves her standing..cos that's what she deserves! I'm sorry i was rooting for her being my self Canadian and all but after Mondays episode she's just gone down alot in my book. And Jake shouldn't even bother coming back..she's really not worth it anymore!!

fruit438 said: It just aggravates me that she sent Jake home over Wes. I'm very excited to see the next show where Jake returns and proves to her what a snake in the grass Wes is. Maybe then she will see her mistake.

jayddw said: Well, I can see the headlines now. Jillian and Wes decide against the wedding. She has finally watched the episodes and realizes she picked a sleaze ball who was only out for his own fame and fortune.

For some readers, her decision to let go of Jake and keep Wes even brought into question Jillian's own character and decision making skills:

MawMawDi said: I chose Jake from the "get-go" for Jillian! But, after she chose Michael over Jake...come on, what gives with that? I think Jake is too much of a gentleman for Jillian...she likes those wild liars, like Wes! Too bad for Jillian if she don't get a 2nd chance with Jake! She'll be lucky if she does...but, does she deserve another chance????

Naturgal said: I think Jillian has lost it. Jake was a keeper and she just threw him away and kept a slimebag like Wes. I know she isn't privy to the side conversations going on (which is too bad), but when Wes comes out and says several different times that he is there for his career and not for her, it makes her giddiness about him seem rather pathetic.

BeverlyMize2 said: Jillian seemed to want the impossible, the men knew that about her. She is a bad judge of character about herself and the men who around her. Too bad she seems to be a nice person with the exception of that flaw.

pearlgirls said: Is this girl so unaware that she cant see the forest for the trees?

Other users respected and even agreed with Jillian's decision to let go of Jake, for a variety of reasons, from lack of chemistry, to suspicion about Jake's so called "perfection."

JDoerr said: I liked him a lot. He is so sweet and he's cute. I can see that she didn't feel the chemistry though.

stuperman said:
she didnt click with Jake... and thats that.

JenniferWashburne2 said:
OK, people, look. I liked Jake too. However, every time he and Jillian had any alone time all he talked about was how their date was so long ago and that he hasn't had anymore time with her. Honestly, if a guy was always nagging me like that, I would be turned off too. She knew the chemistry wasn't there and saw that he was already in too deep and didn't want to make it harder for him by meeting his family. She did him a favor.

gabecyr2 said:
I'm with Jillian here...Jake is a sweet guy BUT most of us like someone to push against a bit...surprise us a bit. Maybe I'll like Jake better next week when he shows a starchier backbone and returns to stand up for Jillian by challenging Wes... who is not so much a bad boy as a sociapathic user.

miceloo said:
Jake is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BORING. So he is nice and good looking? HE is a TOOL and was from day 1 he has NO personality and i COMPLETELY understand why Jillian let him go. I think that everyone is super shallow and they think that because he is ATTRACTIVE and nice that hes just the greatest catch on the planet. He has no depth he is just super super boring ... there is a reason that he has a million failed relationships BECAUSE HE HAS NO PERSONALITY!!!

pgirl27 said:
I'm probably the only one who feels this way (except Jillian), but there is just something a little weird about Jake. Can't put my finger on it, but he seems like he might be a little clingy and insecure.

lawdagirl said: I just cant believe that people didnt see Jake's fakeness...seriously now! Everything about him was too perfect...his words and actions were forced and he was just so awkward and strange around Jill. Im glad he's gone...if I had to hear that fake laugh one more time I swear I was gonna hurl and if he becomes the next BACH...i wont be watching. Yes he's attractive but that can only go so far...I dunno, I guess I just like my men REAL and apparently so does Jill....she saw right thru it!

opinionated09 said:
I think Jake is a great catch. But he's not for Jillian. She's right. Being a pilot is not all that, but it's definitely something positive.

Of the over 1,500 we polled to ask, "Would you like Jake to be the next Bachelor?" 97% of you said, "YES!" See why:

lacey214 said: OK, so I am in love with Jake and have been the whole time! I have never changed my mind throughout the whole show! I am going to go on as one of the girls if he gets on the show as the Bachelor!! No joke!

SarahLee82 said: Jake has the whole package. I wouldn't mind marrying him myself. My eyes actually got misty when Jillian let Jake go. sniff sniff

jeannalynnjusticewest said: As a mother of two twenty something daughters, Jake would be the guy I would like to see them bring home with them. He seems to have integrity and a great character.

mshottstuff101 said:
Jake definately needs to be the next bachelor. The only reason that i am watching the rest of this season is because Jake is coming back. People would be stupid not to love Jake. Jake WILL be the next bachelor! he better! ABC would be crazy not to make him the next. WE LOVE YOU JAKE!

anotherjakefan said:
Now we understand why Jillian is still beautiful but single...bad decisions. If Jake is the next Bachelor, I'll sign my daughter up.

goldie1706 said: Send Jake my way!

But others aren't so sure they'd tune in...

katrina2225 said: if Jake is not the next bachelor I will stop watching this show. What a huge mistake she made yesterday. I can't figure her out. She was so in love with Jason (the nice guy) and she lets the best guy go now. What the heck does she see in Wes? Jake will you marry me?

miceloo said: i cannot imagine sitting through an entire season of the bachelor having to watch HIM talk about how perfect everyone thinks he is.


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-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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