'The Bachelorette' 5 Season Premiere: Episode 1 Recap (Page 1/3)
'The Bachelorette' 5 Season Premiere: Episode 1 Recap (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's finally here! The Bachelorette returns tonight for its fifth season, with a lady whom many of us grew to love last season on The Bachelor, and who will definitely keep this season from getting boring: Jillian Harris, the spunky 29-year-old Canadian decorator with that crazy hot dog theory (Remember? Guys who use mustard are keepers).

Well, Jillian is cuter and pluckier than ever since Jason broke her heart when he sent her home, choosing Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft as his final two. She's relatively realistic about the dangers of trying this whole love-on-TV thing again, but hey, why not? She's not afraid of getting hurt, if it brings her closer to finding love.

She packs up all her stuff (including a tiny teddy bear) and leaves Vancouver, BC for Los Angeles, where she will meet THIRTY men who will vie for her heart. She's hoping to find Mr. Right, and she's "going to make the right decision the FIRST TIME." (Did you catch that? She just owned Mesnick. NICE.) Jillian's also throwing out that hot dog theory for good: "I don't really give a s--- what he puts on his hot dog, as long as he knows how to have a good time, he has a good sense of humor, and loves me." A girl after my own heart, Jillian is.

First, there are a lot of shots of Jillian exercising in different bikinis, and girlfriend looks GOOD. Wet then get a look at the guys who will try to win her heart. Let's work on keeping them all straight, yes?
Kiptyn is a hot surfer from California
Michael is an energetic blonde breakdancing dude
Julien is a tall, dark avid skydiver
Stephen is an adorable, funny lawyer from New York
Juan is a sexy, suave contractor from LA
Mark is a boy-next-door pizza entrepreneur and cyclist
Kyle is a tall Brooklyn guy who loves to thrift shop
Sasha is a Serbian oil man from Texas
Wes is a Texan country singer with a heartmelting Southern drawl
Greg is a professional fitness model who goes by his last  name, Bilbro
Jacob is a handsome airline pilot looking for his best friend...

So far, there are a lot of solid keepers in this bunch! All in all, the thirty guys are all indistinct as of yet, but right now I'm rooting for Stephen, Wes, Juan, and Jacob.

Chris welcomes back Jillian to the Bachelor house, and she looks lovely in a long white dress. They chat, and Jillian talks about what she learned about herself when she fell in love with Jason. She also rehashes her "famous" quote, "You have to slay a few dragons to find the right prince." She's not as focused on looks as she is about a guy who makes her laugh and is a good communicator. Chris asks if she'll accept a proposal if the right guy asks, and she says yes.

The guys enter the limos, sip on champagne, and tell each other, "May the best man win!"

The arrivals begin!

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