The Bachelorette 5: Preview of Episode 8
The Bachelorette 5: Preview of Episode 8
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Jillian Harris is down to her final four men but before she gets closer to her final decision, she will first take her suitors on a whirlwind trip to Spain tonight at 8pm on The Bachelorette on ABC.
Last week on The Bachelorette, Jillian traveled to join the five bachelors in their hometowns and found herself on the hot seat with some of their families. If you missed the episode, you can read a recap here. But in a nut shell, Jillian sent Jesse and Michael home, took Ed back and kept Wes in the running in spite of Jake's warning that he has a girlfriend back home.

Kiptyn first heats up the night in Madrid where he and Jillian talk about the possibility of marriage. Then Jillian catches him off guard with a series of activities designed to take him out of his comfort zone, including Flamenco dancing lessons, a wild moped ride through the streets of the city and a fancy dinner complete with Spanish delicacies. Find out if Jillian will take the relationship to the next level as their date ends up in an intimate fantasy suit.

Then it's Reid's turn to charm Jillian in the southern city of Sevilla. They stroll through the streets looking to shop for the ingredients for a perfect picnic where they end up discussing their future together. Once again, Jillian faces a very personal decision about whether she will stay the night in the fantasy suite with him.

The next day in Sevilla, Jillian and Ed snuggle in a horse drawn carriage for a ride around the romantic streets of the city, where she realizes that her feelings are growing stronger for him. And just like her previous dates, another fantasy suite card arrives and Jillian must decide whether she's spending the night.

Last but not the least, Jillian heads to Barcelona to meet up with Wes. Their date starts off smooth but tension arises when Jillian becomes worried about his inability to show real affections for her. She then challenges him at dinner to try and get some real answers to her lingering questions and tearfully confronts him with her worst fears.

In a dramatic rose ceremony, Jillian reluctantly listens to her heart and says good-by to the man she has been falling for early on.

The four remaining men are:

Ed, 29, technology consultant from Chicago, IL.

Kiptyn, 31, business developer from Encinitas, CA.

Reid, 30, realtor from Philadelphia, PA.

Wes, 32, musician from Austin, TX.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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