'The Bachelorette' 5: Episode 2 Recap (Page 1/3)
'The Bachelorette' 5: Episode 2 Recap (Page 1/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight on the second episode of The Bachelorette: Intrigue! Drama! The Harlem Globetrotters! Martina McBride! Somebody breaks "The Man Code"! And multiple guys strip naked! Whoa!

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Okay, back to the show: we once again open on shots of Jillian looking hot, while she talks about how unconventional and un-hot she is. Alright already, we don't believe you! You're adorable, cute, AND beautiful. It's okay!

Apparently the 20 guys she picked last week aren't moving into Jillian's mansion: they're moving into a frat-tastic bunkhouse next door. As they each get roses, they will be allowed to move in to the mansion. (In other words, there isn't enough room for all of them yet!)

We open on the guys in their bunkhouse, and Chris comes in and explains that this week there will be two group dates and an individual date, with one rose at stake at each. Anyone who gets a rose gets to move into the mansion. Chris gives them the first date card: Michael, Brian, Brad, Sasha, Tanner P., Wes, Ed, Mathue are invited to a pool party at the mansion.

The pool party begins, and Jillian takes Michael off to her roof for a chat. He's very high energy and goofy. She walks back downstairs and grabs the rose, and it looks like she's going to give it to Michael, but she walks away. Michael keeps waiting upstairs, and she never comes up... instead, she puts on her hat and walks outside the mansion into a waiting car and drives off. Michael yells from upstairs to the guys that she's not there, and comes back down. The guys look around confused, and Chris comes out and tells them that she took off with the rose, and the race is on. It's up to them to find her somewhere in L.A.

The guys will be teamed up in pairs of two, but only one guy from the winning team will get to spend the evening with Jillian. Chris sends the teams off to their Mini Coopers, and the teams are Brian and Ed, Michael and Tanner P., Brad and Wes, and Mathue and Sasha.

There's a lot of yelling in the cars, and it's a little tough to figure out what's going on, but Michael and Tanner open their map first and see they need to go to Hollywood. Brad is slowing up Wes, while Brad thinks Wes is a moron...so they don't get along very well.

Meanwhile, Jillian is at a jewelry shop checking out necklaces. She picks out four for the guys to choose between when they get there. Jill calls the guys, and Tanner and Michael freak out when she says she hasn't been rescued yet. Their enthusiasm is definitely contagious. Each of the teams is looking for a rose flag outside a restaurant, and in the kitchen is a rack of tuxedos. Brian and Ed find it first, and after putting on tuxes, the guys look around for the next clue. Brad finds one in his pocket saying they need to "lay it on the line." Brad and Wes find the next clue on the kitchen prep line, and they head out, but they get in their car and drive looking for the next place when they should have been walking. Brian and Ed find the clue and walk, and they get to the jewelry store first. They pick a necklace, and the shop owner gives them a clue. Sasha's team comes in next, and then Brad's. Wes wants to backhand Brad for being in third place.

Inside the Crocker Club's old-timey bank vault surrounded by a million dollars worth of jewels, Jillian awaits with a table for two and an evening full of alone time with whoever wins the challenge.

Brad and Wes get the next clue saying to put a "spring in their step," and they find a watch with the address on it. Brad and Wes arrive first at the Crocker Club, and they reveal the necklace that Brad chose, and he puts it on her. Brad thinks he's going to get the dinner, but Jillian chooses Wes. Brad is pissed because he won the race for the team, and he hopes Jillian will be able to see through Wes at some point.

Jillian and Wes sit down for dinner, and she tells him that he's definitely her type. The rest of the guys show up, and Brad tells them they're too late, and Wes won. It adds insult to injury for the rest of the guys, who don't trust Wes.

At dinner, Wes says he's had three long-term relationships in his 32 years, and he's not really a womanizer (suuure). He intrigues Jillian, but she doesn't think she's his type, and she feels like she needs to protect herself from him. The rest of the guys watch uncomfortably on a security camera as the two kiss. She tells Wes she's worried that he might be a bad boy whom a lot of women go for, but she isn't scared enough to let him go, so she gives him a rose and invites him to move back to the mansion and hang out tonight. They leave the vault and the whole group gets in the limo and heads back to the estate.

Wes is established as the one to beat (and one to hate) as the rest of the guys watch as he moves into the mansion.

Back at the bunkhouse, the rest of the guys get an envelope saying that Jake will get a one-on-one date on which he needs to "cut loose." He's ecstatic for the chance. The next day, Jake gets ready for his date, and he's "stoked." But he's worried about the fact that if he doesn't get a rose on the date, he's toast. Jillian picks him up (with his wings on!) and whisks him off on their one-on-one.

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