The Bachelorette 4: Episode 5 Recap
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, the night was split into two parts. The first was DeAnna Tells All, where she fills in host Chris Harrison the reasoning behind many of her decisions. The second part features DeAnna taking the guys on a trip to Palm Springs. Everybody makes their move from Sean to Graham to Jeremy. Plus, The Bachelorette updates us on Trista and Ryan’s relationship and Trista gives her opinions about how DeAnna is doing.

In The Bachelorette: DeAnna Tells All, she tells America that everything they see on tv is real. She opens up about Graham, saying that she’s thrown off by the fact that he’s guarded, while everyone else is so open. When it came to Richard, DeAnna expressed the guilt she felt over not feeling any chemistry with him and sending him home so early. She defended her decision to let Robert and Fred go on the two on one date, saying that keeping Fred would have made her a coward.

We were able to catch up with Trista, Ryan, and their new baby Max. Trista says that she loves her life in Vail, Colorado and is completely satisfied. She felt that DeAnna is doing a great job at The Bachelorette and has handled herself beautifully this season. Trista said she was a fan of Graham and Jason.

With only four spots open for hometown dates, the competition heats up between the men. Chris lets the guys know that there are no more individual roses and they’re all headed to an exclusive resort in Palm Springs. Once they arrived, DeAnna headed out first on a one on one date with Sean.  After feeling a connection with him, she ends up inviting him back to her room after dinner for a little dessert and she ends up kissing him.

Twilley finally gets his one on one time with DeAnna and things get started with a private helicopter ride.  His motion sickness ruins the mood a little ... okay, a lot.  The other guys (minus Jeremy) follow in a helicopter of their own.  They all arrived in the desert for some quad racing and DeAnna kicked butt.  Afterwards, they cooled off at a pool and DeAnna spent time having serious talks with each guy before making the decision for hometown dates.

Jeremy receives the final one on one date of the night and he and DeAnna head out on a flashback themed date.  They end up at Frank Sinatra's old house.  The romance cools down when the two perform a horrific karaoke rendition of "The Way You Look Tonight".  He brings the heat back when he tells her that she's the perfect person for him and plants a kiss on her in the pool.

At the rose ceremony, DeAnna says that she's confident in her decision and decided to skip the cocktail party.  She gives roses to Jeremy, Jason, Graham, and Jesse.  She surprisingly eliminates Sean but we all knew that Twilley was headed home.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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