The Bachelorette 4: Episode 3 Recap
On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, host Chris Harrison let Graham, Paul, and Jeremy know that they would get to live with DeAnna in the mansion this week. This, of course, made the other guys jealous, who are just dying to see Jeremy go home. Richard finds out that he’ll be heading out on a one on one date with DeAnna. Jason also received a one on one date and the opportunity to tell her about his son. The remaining guys took off on a Western themed date with DeAnna. Before the rose ceremony, she enlists the help of an A-list friend to help her make some important decisions.

Richard headed out on a romantic date in Los Angeles, complete with a rooftop dinner and a perfect view of the city. DeAnna was surprised to find out that Richard has never brought a girl home to meet his parents. Richard tried really hard to find that connection with her, but she wasn’t sure that it was there between them. Even after a romantic carriage ride, she still wasn’t feeling it and sent him packing, with tears in her eyes.

On the group date, the guys dressed up in cowboy hats and boots for a little line dancing. Some were better than others but nobody could hold a candle to DeAnna. After that, it was off to ride the mechanical bull and Jesse managed to stay on the longest. When it was DeAnna’s turn, she played a little joke on them and faked an injury. Jesse ran to her aid first so she rewarded him with some alone time to see if they could have something more than a friendship.

At the campfire that night, DeAnna confronts Ron for calling her and Jeremy out at the last cocktail party. When he returned to the group, Ron called him out in front of everyone, saying he has no tact and lacks something. During DeAnna’s time with Jeremy, Fred and Graham decide to go spy on them and interrupt their conversation. Feeling that the mood was tense at the end of the group date, DeAnna decided to forego giving the rose to Jeremy and handed it over to Robert instead. The evening came to a close with perhaps the worst rendition of “Home On The Range” ever sung by a group of cowboys.

DeAnna surprised Jason by kicking off their date with a helicopter ride.  The chopper takes them to an observatory where they can look at the stars but first, they shared a romantic meal.  Over dinner, he finally opens up to her about his son, something she was really open to and happy that he shared with her.  She tells him about what it was like to lose her mother and the two ended up really connected and bonded.  DeAnna immediately hands him a rose and later, while watching the stars, the two share a kiss.

With one more rose to give out before the ceremony, DeAnna brings all the guys to The Ellen DeGeneres Show so that she can help her.  After grilling them, Ellen challenged them to a dance off.  Before handing out that rose, Ellen made all the guys drop trou and show her how they look in some Ellen boxers.  Fred won the rose from Ellen, which shocked him but made him extremely happy.

Before the rose ceremony, DeAnna took some time with several guys to get one last chance to get to know them.  DeAnna felt that Ron needed to make up for his behavior and the conversations they had recently had.  Jeremy steals her away from Ron, a move that certainly doesn't earn him any more fans.  Graham tells DeAnna that he's willing to explore things with her but she feels that she needs to get to know him better.  DeAnna almost brings Jason to tears when she lets him know that she named a star after his son.

After spending some time thinking about her choices, DeAnna heads to the ceremony.  She gave roses to Twilley, Jesse, Jeremy, Brian, Graham, and Sean.  She chose to eliminate Ron and Paul.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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