'The Bachelor' Week 6 Preview: The Biggest Meltdown in 'Bachelor' History
'The Bachelor' Week 6 Preview: The Biggest Meltdown in 'Bachelor' History
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Each week The Bachelor promises enough cat fights and drama, making sure that the succeeding episode kicks it up a notch and tops the previous one. But based on this week's press release, it seems that this one will take the cake. And not surprisingly, it involves this season's villain, Tierra.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for tonight's Bachelor.

AshLee Rats Out Tierra

Kacie and Jackie tried to talk to Sean about Tierra's devious ways but to no avail so  it's only a matter of time before another bachelorette tried to warn Sean about her. Enter AshLee, who's going on a solo date with Sean tonight on The Bachelor. When Sean takes her on a romantic trip to a private island in St. Croix, he asks her about the tension between the other women and she doesn't hesitate to trash talk Tierra. But will it actually work in her favor? If this season taught us anything, it's that women who rat out on other women usually end up getting eliminated. AshLee's chances of getting a hometown date looks slim especially when she reveals something about her past to Sean.

Sean Confronts Tierra

When Tierra finally gets her much awaited one-on-one with Sean in the streets of St. Croix, he uses this time to confront her about the drama he's heard about her. Tierra isn't sorry for her behavior but she's also worried about her fate in the competition. She reveals something shocking to Sean as a last ditch effort to save herself. 

Sean Surprises Three Women

Catherine, Lindsay and Desiree are caught off guard when Sean wakes them up early in the morning to see the sunrise at the easternmost point of the United States. One woman shares a dark family secret, another woman gets emotional while talking about her family while one girl gets a rose.

Lesley Hesitates with Sean

Sean spends time with Lesley exploring the ruins of the Mt. Washington sugar plantation, where he asks her if she wants to open up to him. She hesitates about sharing her feelings for Sean but worries that she might go home for it.

Sean Drops Two Bombshells

At a loss, Sean invites his sister to St. Croix, hoping she could give him some advice on what to do with these women. Meanwhile, two women (one of which is Tierra) get into a heated argument which, according to the press release, results to the biggest meltdown in Bachelor history.  Though Sean doesn't have a clue as to what happened, he makes two decisions that shock the remaining bachelorettes.

Who do you think will be moving on to the hometown dates? 

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