'The Bachelor' Week 2 Preview: Cowboy, Vampires and a Prank
'The Bachelor' Week 2 Preview: Cowboy, Vampires and a Prank
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Claws are expected to come out as the 19 remaining bachelorettes move into the mansion tonight on The Bachelor. As one girl put it, there's a "tornado of negativity waiting to happen" and apparently, it's mostly caused by one girl, Amanda, who is considered the "dark cloud in the room." What exactly does Amanda do to make the other women feel uncomfortable? Find out tonight at 8pm on ABC. 

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The second week of The Bachelor season 17 isn't all about drama though. Fans will witness Sean's first three dates consisting of a one-on-one adrenaline date, a date with a hidden camera hoax and a group date involving a photo shoot challenge. 

Sarah gets the first date of the season and in true Bachelor style, it involves a helicopter ride to the top of a building where a romantic picnic awaits them. But there's a twist: they must first free-fall 300 feet to the ground! On the date, Sarah also shares her struggles about having one arm to Sean.

For the first group date of the season, 13 bachelorettes are tasked to compete  in a photo shoot to determine who will score a deal to grace three Harlequin romance novel covers. Check out the slideshow below for a sneak peek at the photo shoot, which involves dancing, vampires and a hot cowboy scene!

Desiree, meanwhile, gets the last date of of the week. Sean takes her to an art show exhibit where a hidden camera hoax is played on her. Their date leads to lots of kissing and... a steamy hot tub!

While the cocktail party brings even more pressure to the remaining girls, one woman courageously asks Sean about his dating preference. Check the video in which Sean reveals an unexpected answer about his dating history.

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