'The Bachelor' Roundup: Updates on Juan Pablo and Nikki, Plus Former Contestants Tie the Knot
'The Bachelor' Roundup: Updates on Juan Pablo and Nikki, Plus Former Contestants Tie the Knot
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The Bachelor may have concluded its 18th season but that doesn't mean the spotlight is no longer on Juan Pablo Galavis and winner Nikki Ferrell. And now that the cameras are no longer rolling, the couple can expect their relationship to be plagued by rumors and skeptics even more.

So far, there hasn't been any nasty rumors revolving around the Bachelor couple other than speculations that they wouldn't last long. And while their relationship seems like a slow burn, both Juan Pablo and Nikki appear to be happy.

"I came into this [process] skeptical but with an open mind. The more I got to know him, the more sure I was. Things that might have been red flags for the other girls weren't red flags for me. It just works. We understand each other," Nikki said in the latest issue of People.

"We understand each other's sarcasm and our jokes," Juan Pablo added.

Since The Bachelor ended, Juan Pablo and Nikki have been getting to know each other. They initially planned to move to Los Angeles but things took a different turn. "We have to figure out not only what works best for us, but what works best for our families," Nikkie explained. 

"Nikki's going to see Camila a lot, but as 'Daddy's friend,'" Juan Pablo said.

It's pretty clear that wedding bells are not on the horizon for the Bachelor couple but they seem to be contented as to where they are right now. "I still feel the exact same way about Juan Pablo, but an engagement is not in front of us right now. No need for that pressure again," Nikki said. 

"I want to get married and have two more kids and never get divorced. I want to make sure I pick the right person. I hope [it's Nikki]. If you behave. If you and I behave!" Juan Pablo joked. 

"It's a team effort," Nikki added. 

On his final Bachelor blog on People, the single dad also said he was "truly happy" with his decision and that despite of all the negative things surrounding his journey, at the end of the day, he got what he signed up for. However, it's safe to say that  he would never sign up to be The Bachelor again. "I will always be thankful for the opportunity, but if you asked me to do it again, I would definitely say, 'HELLLLL NOOOOO' jejejejeje," he said.

In other Bachelor news, former Bachelor contestant Elizabeth Kitt and former Bachelorette contestant Ty Brown have tied the knot. According to Us Magazine, they got hitched on Saturday, March 15 in Kingston Spring, Tennessee. 

"We had just immediate family in attendance. We wrote our own vows, so the ceremony was very intimate and personal," the happy couple told the magazine."The weather was sunny and warm and perfect. Afterward we lit a bon fire, and Ty and his backup singer Dustin Miller played well into the night. It really was the perfect day!"

Elizabeth Kitt competed for Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor season 14 and then joined the first season of Bachelor Pad.  Ty Brown, on the other hand, appeared on The Bachelorette season 6, where he competed for Ali Fedotowsky. The couple met in Los Angeles at a charity event and has been dating since January 2013.

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