'The Bachelor' Finale Day-After Roundup: What Ben, Lindzi and Chris Harrison are Saying Today
'The Bachelor' Finale Day-After Roundup: What Ben, Lindzi and Chris Harrison are Saying Today
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It appears that Ben and Courtney won't be going on the massive media tour that typically accompanies becoming the final Bachelor couple -- instead choosing to put their energies toward actually becoming a couple again. And I say, good for them! They've given us enough great material to last ... well, not a lifetime, but at least a week or two.

And there's plenty of other delightful and disturbing Bachelor tidbits to keep us entertained after last night's finale. Take a look:

  • Ben proposed to Chris Harrison and they went on beautiful, bro-mantic green screen adventures together for the rest of their lives.

  • In lieu of his weekly blog, Ben shared some choice quotes with People.com, like that he and Courtney "will be fine," and: "The Bachelor will not define me as a person. This will be a blip in a few years." Shh, Ben, stop all your romantic gushing. It's embarrassing.

  • From atop his shining soapbox, Chris Harrison asks us the question of our time in his EW.com blog: "Ben and Courtney have made their decision, and now it's time for you to make yours. Do you continue to bash them and wish them ill, or do you take a "wait and see" attitude and see how this plays out?" But where's the third option, where we get bored because the TV show part is over now and ask to never hear about them again?

  • For his part, Chris thinks that Ben and Courtney "might just be weird enough to work." Just so you know, I guess "self-centered and emotionally withholding" is the new definition of "weird' now?

  • Lindzi says that when she told Ben to call her if things didn't work out with Courtney, she was joking. And she doesn't want him to call her, for the record.

  • The runner-up also sounds relieved that she didn't have to take the Hot Seat at the After the Final Rose: "It really didn't upset me. I think that Ben and Courtney both came out and it was a really emotional time for them. Ben has bigger issues to deal with right now, like his engagement." Yeah, his engagement. That's definitely his biggest issue.

  • She also told Jimmy Kimmel that SHE changed her name to "Lindzi" from the more normal "Lindsey," but still managed to be sweet and delightful and optimistic in the interview, despite that ... interesting ... tidbit.

  • And, in her ultimate revenge, Lindzi said that she feels sorry for Courtney: "I think that's got to be a hard way to be, you know, to see yourself like that. Even me - I think I'm a pretty good person and I was nice on the show, but even me watching it, I was like, 'Did I say that or I look like that? So for her, watching it that must be like, 'Oh my God, I'm a bitch!' for a lack of better words."

  • And that's about it for the end of Ben's season. But the show must, and will, almost immediately, go on. Emily Maynard's Bachelorette season starts filming tomorrow, March 14, and premieres May 14. And did you catch Chris Harrison's announcement that us NORMALS can now apply to be on Bachelor Pad? Maybe they'll call this season Bachelor Pad 3: OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! All you have to do is be sexy, shameless, and not currently applying to be on Swamp People, and you just might get the chance to embarrass yourself on TV and not get even close to winning $250,000!

  • Whether you want to apply for Bachelor Pad or not (hint: you don't), you DO want to watch this casting tips video, starring none other than JAKE PAVELKA. I like to imagine that Jake is now performing what he thinks is a brilliant charade at ABC, pretending to be a casting producer, and everyone is just letting him use that office and "work" there for no pay because they feel sorry for him. Thank you for giving us more creepy Jake, ABC.

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