'The Bachelorette 5' Recap: Episode 3 (Page 2/3)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Robby is a solid actor in his one-on-one scene with Jillian, and they share a great kiss that makes Jillian swoon.

Wes steals Jillian away between scenes, and the other guys worry (again) that he is there "for the wrong reasons." Wes comes on pretty strong, saying he's jealous and wants to weed out everyone, and he demands a real kiss later, which is all pretty ridiculous. He acts like she belongs to him, but for some reason, Jillian is into it.

Mike and Michael film their "emotionally intense" gay scene, and are both rather disappointingly uncomfortable with it. The scene is ripped straight from Brokeback Mountain ("I wish I could quit you."), and they make it campy to keep from getting too weird. Jillian calls them "good sports." The acting is over, and it's now time for the "wrap party."

Jillian takes her 11 to a downtown loft, which includes a Jacuzzi. Reid takes Jillian for a walk, and she tells him she thinks he's very hot (and I also agree). Reid tells Jillian he's been in love "one and a half times" in his life. He is about to go in for a kiss when Juan shows up, and ruins the moment. Poor Reid "keeps getting the short end of the stick night after night." Juan wants to "check in" after Jillian defended him and kept him around.

Back at the bunkhouse, David's language gets even more aggressive, saying he "hates" Juan and wants to "kill him." The other guys try to calm him down, but he's hung up on the fact that Juan is the devil. A card comes, and Sasha has a one-on-one date coming up. The card says, "Can you handle my curves?"

At the wrap party, everyone gets in the Jacuzzi, and... again, the foot fetish comes up. ENOUGH OF THIS. Please send Tanner P. home, or at least get him to stop fetishizing the feet. I'm sick of it!

Robby and Jillian snuggle up after the hot tub time, and the rest of the guys watch from afar. She tells him that he had the best kiss of the day, and they kiss again. Brad pouts. They get back in the hot tub. Jillian gets out the rose, and gives it to Robby, so he gets to move into the mansion with her. Everyone gathers to watch the film.

Sasha packs his bags and gets ready for his one-on-one date, and Wes wishes it was him, but he plans on singing his song for her later.

Sasha and Jillian go to an automotive museum, and hold hands as they walk around the museum alone and take pictures on top of the antique cars. They walk to the rooftop parking lot and see two car options, and he picks the Ferrari to take on a cruise. Sasha drives like a maniac (apparently) and Jillian loves it. They then sit down to dinner, and he tells her about getting in a huge car accident when he was 18, where he broke tons of bones and was lucky to get out alive. He says it helps him appreciate life all the more, and Jillian admires his strength. Jillian asks if he's ready to find "that person," and he says he is. Jillian seems to blame him for never having had his heart broken, saying he doesn't put himself out there enough. I blame the editing, but the conversation seems to get a bit confrontational as Sasha and Jillian dish out their different love philosophies, and he says he doesn't love "just for the sake of loving."

Back at the bunkhouse, Wes plays his "They say that love, it don't come easy" (that's all we ever hear from it!) song for the rest of the guys, who don't care. More talk of "not here for the right reasons." Blah blah blah. I don't really know either way.

Jillian grabs the rose, and says she can't be the "unicorn" that Sasha is looking for and holding out for. She tells him she can't give him the rose because she's afraid she can't live up to his expectations. She starts to cry because she feels so terrible. Sasha leaves... on a bus. That's a little harsh, don't you think, ABC? Sasha says it's like a "bad dream," and back at the house, the guys watch and celebrate as the luggage gets put into a van.

When Jill gets home, Wes grabs his guitar, heads over to the house, and sings his finished song as she watches from the balcony. She invites him to finish the song upstairs, so he goes up. His song is so sweet that it makes her cry, and they then kiss and hug. He decides to play it again. ($20 says Jillian got bored somewhere in the middle of that second performance.) Luckily, we never have to hear the entire thing.

Before the rose ceremony, the rosy Robby and Ed are confident, and the rest of the guys are nervous after seeing what happened to Sasha. Cocktail party #3 gets underway.

Reid grabs Jillian first, and tells her he wishes he had gotten the rose in the group date. He finally gets his kiss, and it's very romantic.

David always sounds aggressive, even when he's lamenting that he's gotten no alone time with Jill this week. They sit down together, and he admits he's been jealous this week, and he then begins to tell her that there are other guys in the house who aren't right for her... just as Juan interrupts. David holds his tongue as Juan takes Jill away, but then gets livid.

Juan lays on the cheese with Jillian, and I barf all over my laptop. He teaches her some Spanish. He's corny, seriously. But Jillian likes what a gentleman he is.

David goes back to the rest of the guys, and Wes and Jake egg him on a bit about his anger with Juan.

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