'Bachelorette'-Tube Week 4: Iceland Sneak Peek, Deleted Scenes, Diaries of the Departed
'Bachelorette'-Tube Week 4: Iceland Sneak Peek, Deleted Scenes, Diaries of the Departed
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Usually, the two-hour running time of a Bachelorette episode is about 1.9 too many hours, given the amount of substantive action that happens on this show.

But last night's Bachelorette episode, which I have boldly (and rightly) proclaimed to be the best Bachelorette episode ever made, could have been two more hours long, and I would have loved it, as long as those two extra hours were mostly made up of Kasey transcribing his brain-crazy into spoken words, and Jonathan transcribing his into facial contortions.

We will never get those two extra hours, but at least we have these Bachelorette Youtube clips from ABC to prolong our love just a little bit longer.

Check out a deleted scene starring Kasey, the weekly Diaries of the Departed starring Jonathan and Hot Jesse, and two key moments from last night's episode, including the one you'll want to play over and over again: Kasey's song. Plus: next week, the men write poems about their feelings and recite them to Ali. And, as the sneak peek below illustrates, it's just as forced and awkward as you'd expect.

Iceland Sneak Peek: Chris N. finally speaks more than one sentence aloud! And (spoiler alert!) it doesn't go well.

Deleted Scene: Kasey gets his tattoo. And delivers even more romantic tattoo-metaphor one-liners.

Key Moment #1: Kasey sings to Ali. Now you can watch the most awkward Bachelorette moment ever on repeat!

Key Moment #2: Ali and Roberto perform in "The Lion King" on Broadway. Can you feel the love that night?


Diaries of the Departed: Jonathan and Jesse talk about their eliminations, and Jonathan actually portrays himself as a normal guy... but, clearly, it's a little too late. Aww, now I'm kind of sorry that I made fun of Jonathan so much! Fare thee well, weatherman.