'Bachelorette' Stars Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Talk Wedding Plans
'Bachelorette' Stars Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Talk Wedding Plans
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After getting engaged on the recently concluded season of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are taking their sweet time getting to know each other. While the couple isn't rushing to the tie the knot, they are quite open when it comes to discussions about their wedding.

During the season 13 finale, Rachel mentioned that she wanted a winter wedding. When Bryan was asked about what elements he wanted for the big day, the Bachelorette winner says he's leaving all the planning to his fiancee.

"Well, it wouldn't be this winter. I think we both talked about it and it would more than likely be in late 2018 or early 2019. And as far as what I want at a wedding, I mean, I'm a very simple guy," Bryan said during a conference call with reporters. "I'm thinking winter wedding, I'm thinking a white wedding -- maybe like a white-themed wedding. But honestly, I'm not really picky. I'm going to let Rachel handle all the details of the wedding."

"He's a smart man," Rachel chimed in. 

"She'll just tell me where to show up and I will be there," added Bryan.

According to Rachel, she never really dreamed of having a fairytale wedding as a little girl. However, she does reveal that she's looking forward to have a big celebration just because she and Bryan have big families.

"I actually was never that little girl. I never had, like, the fairy-tale wedding or this dream wedding planned. You know, I just wanted to find, like, my dream guy, which I have done that. And I just want it to be -- I do want it to be big, because I have a big family and Bryan has a big family," she explained.

"I want it to be in a convenient place where our families can get there, and I just want to have fun. I want to party. That's what I want from my wedding. I want it to just be everyone having the time of their life, celebrating life and love," she added.

Besides the wedding, Rachel and Bryan are also looking forward to start a family. Though they hope to tie the knot first, they have already discussed the number of children they're going to have in the future.

"This is actually our one argument," Bryan said. "She wants four, with the fourth being an accident down the line, and I want three.  So, those are the types of arguments we have."

"We're having four," insisted Rachel.

"And she'll probably win in the end and we'll have four," Bryan continued.

In the mean time, Rachel wants her family to get to know Bryan post-Bachelorette.

"They're supporting me, they're excited about it, they can't wait to get to know Bryan off-camera. And we actually have plans to do that. When all this is said and done, we're headed to Dallas for an engagement party and then to spend time with my family," she said.

Do you think Rachel and Bryan will make it to the altar?

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