'Bachelorette' Newsflash: Justin's Foot Really is Broken, and We are Not All Internet Detectives
'Bachelorette' Newsflash: Justin's Foot Really is Broken, and We are Not All Internet Detectives
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
So, in the grand scheme of all the Bachelorette craziness this week, apparently there was still enough room left for this to become a thing (via TV Squad):

"Viewers at home may have noticed that, for much of his hike, Justin was seen wobbling down the street on his right foot, with his left leg elevated in a cast. But just as he made his way up the driveway, the camera briefly showed him using his left foot instead. To add more confusion to the mix, in the next shot, Justin was shown using his right foot again as normal."

As you astute viewers at home will recall, TV Squad is referring back to Bachelorette Week 3, when Justin "Rated R" Rego, the "entertainment wrestler," cripple-walked to Ali's house without an invitation. And now there's a CONSPIRACY afoot! (Get it? A-foot.) Did Justin fake his foot being broken? Is he dumb enough to forget which foot he pretended to break? IS EVERYTHING ON THIS SHOW A LIE?

Well, to that last question, yes, but to the other stuff, duh, no.

The "controversy" (ha, right) over Justin's flip-flopping cast caused such a fuss that the producers released a statement explaining the mysterious world of film editing, and how it sometimes changes the perception of reality (or, in the case of The Bachelorette, ALWAYS changes the perception of reality, which on this show is only just barely reality in the first place):

"Justin definitely had a broken left foot for the duration of the filming of The Bachelorette. For the geographic clarity of Justin's journey to find Ali, we thought it best to "flop" a shot. "Flopping" a shot creates a mirrored version of the image. The unintentional consequence was that Justin's cast in the mirrored version appears to be on his right leg rather than the left."

Somebody call James Cameron, because The Bachelorette is giving away all of his Avatar secrets!

And somebody call the people who noticed the cast flip-flop and kindly tell them that their energy would be better spent laughing at this show than in putting on their Sherlock Holmes hats and solving its mysteries. And there are so many reasons to dislike Justin, another one is just redundant.

Speaking of laughing at The Bachelorette: check out the sneak peek of next week's episode in Iceland! It's positively faranlegt.