'Bachelorette: Men Tell All' Sneak Peek: Emily Calls Out Kalon for 'Bullsh--' Apology
'Bachelorette: Men Tell All' Sneak Peek: Emily Calls Out Kalon for 'Bullsh--' Apology
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Remember that time in London when Kalon McMahon, the guy whose personality and face perfectly matched up with his pretentious and douchey name, almost like he was a character created by a soap opera writer precisely for the purpose of creating drama, called Bachelorette Emily's daughter "baggage" to another guy, and that guy told another guy, and that third guy told Emily, so Emily told Kalon to "get the f*ck out"?

Of course you do. How could we forget? It was the most dramatic event of the entire season. Which isn't saying much, but still. We relished it, even if some of us (not naming names) questioned whether Emily really had a right to be so offended and surprised, given Kalon's open history of being a spoiled, rude, entitled idiot. Mama bear protecting her young! The claws come out, West Virginia backwoods hoodrat style!

On this Monday's Men Tell All special, Kalon will use his way with words to attempt to apologize for his egregious "baggage" comment, but Emily ain't buying it. WATCH:

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Ouch! I mean that in terms of Kalon's face. Ease up on the lip plumper, bro.

But in all seriousness: Do you think Emily should have taken the high road and just accepted Kalon's apology, or are you glad that she called him out for paying lip service? If you'll recall, after he first made the "baggage" comment, multiple people tried and failed to get through to him about why it was such an offensive thing to say about a woman's daughter. I don't blame her for thinking there is no way that he's changed his mind, but is just trying to save face. Especially considering that his most recent attempt at "growth" was being on that competitive sex party, Bachelor Pad 3. To which he showed up in a white convertible. So yeah, "humility" isn't exactly his M.O.

Check out more spoilery details from the Men Tell All, which airs Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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