Bachelorette Finale Open Thread: Love, It Don't Come Eeeeasy
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Say what you will about Wes Hayden (oh, I know you will!) but despite his web of lies, his now-infamous country song (meant to woo Bachelorette Jillian) does contain a gem of truth: love really DOESN'T come easy, you guys. And tonight, on the Bachelorette finale, Jillian's rough and rocky televised journey through the Tunnel of Love will finally end.

Who will join her on the other side? Well, that's what we're here to find out, isn't it? And you don't want to go through the climax alone. So it's a Bachelorette finale comment party up in here!!! This is a place for you to air your fears, theories, reactions and questions before/during/after the episode.

To get the ball rolling, I've compiled all our Bachelorette poll results from the past week:

Judging from our poll data, it sounds like...
Most of you love Reid, and hope he ends up with Jillian...
...but, if you're being realistic, you think she'll pick Ed (at least over Kiptyn)...
...Even though you love Kiptyn, and would rather have him over Ed for yourself!
And you think that Jill won't end up with a ring on her finger, but will end up with a man.

Sounds like you're just as confused as I am! Glad I'm not alone!

Last Tuesday, we asked: Which man will Jillian choose?

50% of you said Reid
27% of you said Ed
13% of you said Kiptyn
10% of you said none of them
(Total Votes: 1677)

A week earlier, after Reid was eliminated, we asked: Which man is better for Jillian?

52% of you said Ed
48% of you said Kiptyn
(Total Votes: 1306)

We also asked: Which man would YOU rather marry?

40% of you said Kiptyn
28% of you said Ed
32% of you said Neither
(Total Votes: 1149)

When we found out Reid would return in tonight's finale, we asked: Are you happy that Reid is coming back?

69% of you said Yes - I love Reid!
14% of you said No - He'll only complicate things for Jillian.
17% of you said No - Jillian won't choose him anyway.
(Total votes: 1303)

Last Wednesday after Jillian suggested it, we asked: Should Michael Stagliano and his brother be the next Bachelors?

54% of you said Yes! That would rock!
14% of you said Just Michael. Twins would be weird.
32% of you said No! Someone else.
(Total Votes: 1763)

On Thursday, we asked: What will happen in the finale?

72% of you said Jillian will choose someone but won't be engaged.
17% of you said Jillian will be engaged.
11% of you said Jillian will choose no one.
(Total Votes: 1443)

And finally, last Friday, we asked: Which guys will propose?

30% of you said Reid
24% of you said Ed
7% of you said Kiptyn
5% of you said None of them
3% of you said All of them
(Total Votes: 840)

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-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer (and hardcore Reid fan)
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