'Bachelorette' Castoff Joe Gendreau: This Season is More 'Surreal' for the Men Than for Emily
'Bachelorette' Castoff Joe Gendreau: This Season is More 'Surreal' for the Men Than for Emily
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Time waits for no man ... even if he puts an allegedly everlasting wish in the Love Clock.

That's the lesson we would have taken away from The Bachelorette if we were Joe Gendreau, the unsuspecting gentleman who got the heave-ho from Emily Maynard on Monday's episode, after accompanying her on what he probably thought was a perfectly lovely first date to the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia. They rode in a private jet! They swam! They shared their deepest wishes with the ancient, all-knowing Love Clock! 

But it was all for naught, as Emily revealed that she and Joe weren't meant to be, denying him the rose and his wish in one fell swoop. Sorry, Joe. Maybe next time?

Joe spoke with the media in a conference call yesterday, and didn't sound too broken up about that unfulfilled wish. Here are some of the highlights from his call:

Why he didn't get the rose:
We just really didn't hit it off with each other. We were at kind of different places in our lives. I was a single, kind of maybe free-spirited individual. I think she was looking for someone more settled and in a way maybe more committed, whether it be family or work or just looking for that.

How Emily's "Where do you see yourself in five years?" question tripped him up:
She had asked me where I see myself in five years, and to me I want to see myself happy and with no regrets. And I think she was more looking for, 'I want to be here, with this many kids' - maybe more in detail. That kind of ultimately, I think, maybe altered her decision. I don't take offense by it or anything like that; I think she's really trying to look forward, determined in what she wants, and maybe she didn't quite see that in me as far as a specific role she wants me to play or that a guy wants to play.

On Emily's more generic Love Clock wish to find a "lasting love":
I felt that she was very aware of the love clock and maybe planned out her wish, whereas I felt I was more put on the spot. They asked me, 'Hey, make a wish' and it was like, 'Let it out right now!' It was really quick and it was the best I could come up with on the spot. I think she had a little time to come up with hers, because she ultimately planned that.

On how he thinks his early exit was an ultimately good thing:
I think ultimately the decision she made, it was her choice and I went into it very open-minded, entertaining the idea of possibly getting to know her more. I guess we didn't really quite hit it off and it didn't work as planned, 100%. I mean, whether she made the right decision or not is kind of on her, but for my part I was really happy with everything that happened, and I was able to put myself out there and we just didn't really click too well.

Who he thinks will end up with Emily:
My money's on Jef... I would say he just seems like a great guy... He seems like a caring individual, and very financially stable.

Which other guys he thinks could stick around for a while:
Definitely Arie. Arie'll stick around, Sean'll stick around. Those guys, they'll be around for a while. And then maybe Doug, too - the guy who got the first impression rose... They're just solid good guys, good character.

On how he thinks filming in Charlotte changed the Bachelorette experience for Emily and the guys:
It's probably not as surreal for [Emily]. I guess you could say as far as the guys, shipped from all over the country, it's much more surreal for them probably. All of us being put in this castle, the house. So I definitely think for her while it was happening and filming was going on it probably wasn't as big of a deal to her, I guess you can say, as some of the guys. It was more surreal to them. And this was round two for her so she was more comfortable, probably, with producers and cameras in her face, compared to the guys. So she had a little bit of an advantage!

Had he started to develop any feelings for Emily yet? 
Um, no. I knew her very briefly.

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