Which Brokenhearted 'Bachelor' Babe Would Make the Best 'Bachelorette'?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Next Monday (March 1) pilot Jake Pavelka will choose his future wife in the dramatic two-hour finale of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.

This season of The Bachelor garnered more viewers than ever thanks to its compelling drama, and some of the show's charismatic competitors to date--a few of whom would be perfect candidates for ABC's open and imminent Bachelorette position for next season.

ABC loves to recycle former contestants into reality kings and queens, and they have three lovely options for The Bachelorette coming out of this season of The Bachelor, all of whom fell hard for Jake and left empty-handed.

The question is: who's the best potential Bachelorette? Read our take, and then decide for yourself!

The "Of Course" Option: Ali Fedotowsky

The plot: Smart, sassy workaholic gets another shot at finding her Prince Charming after learning to prioritize love and take romantic risks.

Why she'd be a great Bachelorette: She's likable, intelligent, and a bit of a drama-instigator. On The Bachelor she showed she has no problem speaking her mind, judging others, or falling fast and hard for somebody--all essentials for the star of a show that expects plenty of heartbreak, and a happily ever after, in eight short weeks of filming. And on the Bachelor Women Tell All special, she gave herself the perfect season set-up, saying of her time with Jake, "I learned to put love first."

Why she'd get on our nerves: She's a flip-flopper. (Remember how she left Jake and then asked for a second chance a week later?) With Ali as The Bachelorette, we would be in for another season of second chances, fickle rose ceremonies, and crying sessions over balconies. Plus, she works for Facebook, so we can only imagine the "poking" and "relationship status" jokes that would ensue on the show and in the headlines. Woof.

Tentative Season Title:
The Bachelorette: "It's Complicated" (Hey, we never said we could resist those Facebook puns, either.)

The Spicy Selection: Gia Allemand

The plot: Sexy swimsuit model seeks sweet guy to settle down with after many long, terrible years of dating philandering professional athletes.

Why she'd be a great Bachelorette: Guys would be lining up in droves for a chance with the well-endowed, beautiful and unfailingly sweet Gia, which means ABC could pick the cream of the crazy crop to put on TV. And Gia, as much as we'd love to hate her for being soooo pretty, has the same confidence hang-ups and trust issues as other women.

Why she'd get on our nerves:
Those confidence issues are just a bit unfounded for a Maxim model. Plus, she's neither eloquent nor outgoing, which means she barely talks, and says very little of real value when she does. In fact, she seems to have developed an automatic Barbie giggle as a defense mechanism. The guys surely wouldn't mind (they'd be too busy looking at her face and below-face area to pay attention to words) but viewers would be annoyed after one episode, let alone eight. They might also have a hard time relating to a gorgeous swimsuit model with unrealistically perfect hair as she laments having to choose between 25 studs. But still... it's mostly the giggle.

Tentative Season Title:
The Bachelorette: America's Next Top Model's Husband

The Angelic Alternative: Tenley Molzahn

(Yes, Tenley is still in the running to win Jake's heart on The Bachelor. But, if rumors are true, next week she'll lose out to Vienna... and become a great Bachelorette candidate in the process!)

The plot:
Twice devastated divorcee with a heart of gold finally gets to hold the reigns and fall in love with the perfect guy... on her terms.

Why she'd be a great Bachelorette:
She's the human manifestation of a Disney princess. She dances. She sings. She has big blue eyes that look straight into your soul and make you believe that bunnies will prance out from behind trees and braid your hair. Her positive energy is infectious, unending, and (as far as we can tell) 100% authentic. It's the ultimate redemption story for someone who never deserved to get hurt in the first place. And there would be lots of dancing.

Why she'd get on our nerves:
She's the human manifestation of a Disney princess. Which would also put any viewer at risk for a sugar-overload. Plus, Tenley is unfailingly moral, which is a great quality in a spouse, but not in a reality star. The Bachelorette runs on scandal and sex. If Tenley refused to kiss any of the guys until the fifth episode... would she still have viewers by then?

Tentative Season Title:
The Bachelorette: Someday My Prince Will Come