The Bachelor: Why Jenni and Brad Make a Good Couple
Next week, it's the finale of this season of The Bachelor, and so we now know who the final two are in the running for that last rose: DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft.

Yesterday, we took a look at DeAnna and Brad Womack, and reviewed some of the elements that make them a good match.

And so what about the other woman in the running for Brad's heart, Jenni? Why is she a potential good mate for the sexily scruffy Texan?  Let's take a look at Jenni and how she and Brad might work as a couple.  What does she have working in her favor?

For one thing, chemistry. During any alone time over this season of The Bachelor, Brad and Jenni have been suctioned to each other, and Brad even admitted he can't keep his hands off her. It got to a point mid-season where – at least from the edited final product – it seemed impossible to think that anyone else was even still in the running.

Just look at the body language in the picture with this article. In the picture ABC made available of the last rose ceremony, it's like a small flipbook of emotion: he's arms-length away from soon-to-be-eliminated Bettina Bell, and sort of formally prom-picture-posing with DeAnna.  Then laughing and nose-rubbing with Jenni, with his body fully turned towards her.  We don't know what pictures weren't made available to the public, but he doesn't have that same level of familiarity or intimacy in the available pictures with DeAnna.

But physical intimacy and chemistry doesn't tell the whole story, obviously, or Bevin Powers and Andy Baldwin would have wound up together last season. So what else is Jenni bringing to the table?

She seems to be a sweet and open-hearted girl, and Brad appears to appreciate this about her. She also narrowly edged out DeAnna when asked by the women in the house who they wanted to see win, and many of the eliminated ladies attest to her good nature and sweetness; it's not an act for Brad they seem to be saying.

There have been some concerns about her commitment to her career and her need to stay with the Phoenix Suns for a year. I think it's completely valid to question if any relationship can last when there's distance involved.

However, some of the questioning seems to turn to criticism of Jenni when her commitment to a relationship is doubted because she wants to pursue her dream of dancing. I just have to wonder: would those same criticisms be leveled at a man were this The Bachelorette and he was asking for one year to finish a professional commitment?

And it's not just any professional commitment. Another appealing thing about Jenni is that she's pursued her dream. Being a paid professional performer of any sort is very difficult, and requires dedication, persistence and passion. And being a dance performer is not a career you can put on hold; any dancer will tell you that knees, ankles and all other joints have a clock ticking!  Compared to a profession that doesn't rely so much on the physical body, dance performance has a limited window of opportunity for success.

While her desire to continue to perform might complicate the relationship, her ability to commit to something she feels passionately about shows that she might have the capacity to then use that same dedication, persistence and love to build a strong relationship.

And besides, the forced separation at the end of The Bachelor means that every couple has to live apart for a while. Travis Stork from season 8 picked a woman who lived in his neighborhood in his hometown…and then wasn't allowed to talk to her until the finale aired. He said he even saw her out for a jog one day and couldn't even go say hello. So no matter who Brad picks, the two will have to have the ability to weather some distance.

So what do you think? If you are rooting for Jenni, why do you think she's the best fit for Brad?

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of ABC)