The Bachelor: Who's Going Home Next?
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
And then there were three: Gia, Tenley and Vienna.

Not much of a good mix, if you ask me.  Sure, a couple of these girls are pretty and sweet as apple pie, but I can't really picture Jake with anyone of them in the end of this Bachelor season.

Having said that, it's time to predict whom Jake is going to send home next, and which bachelorettes will be his final 2.

If you saw Monday's episode of The Bachelor, I think it's pretty clear that Jake already made up his mind as to which contestant he'll send home next. My guess is he'll be eliminating Gia, and that will leave Vienna and Tenley as his final two.

Make Your Case for The Bachelor: Tenley, Gia, or Vienna?

So: why Gia? Aside from physical attraction, Gia and Jake have nothing in common. Alone, they have no connection at all, and seeing Jake interact with Gia's family confirmed this suspicion even more. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

When Gia's mother asked Jake how he can be in love with all four girls and what made Gia special, all Jake could reply was, "Immediate than the other girls..."

I mean, who answers like that? And who says "organic" to describe a relationship? Jake was grasping at straws.

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While Jake's response under pressure was odd enough, the big "Gia's going home next" signal was not during Gia's hometown date. It was when Jake asked each of Vienna's, Ali's and Tenley's dads for the girl's hand in marriage. Jake likes Gia, but not enough to ask permission from her family to marry her. They're not ready. Of the final four couples, Gia and Jake are still just "seeing each other."

If Ali hadn't left The Bachelor, Gia would've been gone this week. She got a free trip to St. Lucia out of Ali's sudden departure, but it will be a long flight home alone next week for Gia.

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